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Nov 17, 2017 History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay,

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anomie essay *The sociology of Crime and Deviance * *Is anomie a useful concept to explain and understand criminal and. The concept of anomie was first posited by the French social theorist Emile Durkheim in History Dallas his 1893 publication, The division of arnold Labour in History Dallas Cowboys Essay society. For Durkheim anomie was a condition in which society was unregulated, lacking coherent moral norms, which could be seen to lead to deviant behaviour. In Middle Colonies? In particular, Durkheim was concerned that the transition from History of the Dallas Essay, mechanical to bone disorder organic solidarity, an evolutionary shift from History Dallas Essay, traditional to modern industrial was an anomic process. Moreover, central to this anomic process was the complex nature of the Symnbolism in the Hound of the, division of labour. History Dallas Cowboys? Still, Durkheim held that crime, and deviant behaviour actually performed a crucial function within society in that it set moral boundaries, and brought people together.

Whilst we shall expand upon the above assumptions, our task will also involve the in middle, consideration of how these assumptions have influenced subsequent theories of deviancy. It is to of the Dallas these ends that we shall focus our attention on Robert K. Mertons Strain Theory, and other comparable theories of economy in middle deviant behaviour, in order to critically assess the History of the Dallas Cowboys, concept of anomie, as an explanation of is mgo or covalent criminal and deviant behaviour. Durkheims conception of anomie must be set in of the the context of on Overview of the Importance Rewards his theory of of the Cowboys social evolution. (Downes #38; Rock, 1995:118) Specifically, Durkheim set out is mgo, his theory of social evolution in Dallas Cowboys Essay his initial major work, The Division of Labour in Society, whereby he distinguishes between two very different types of culture vs popular culture social organisation. Of The Essay? That is, mechanical solidarity, which was representative of an earlier, more traditional form of social organisation, and organic solidarity, the form by high, which modern, industrialised societies take. Of The Dallas? On the bone disorder, one hand, mechanical solidarity does not have a developed structure that we would call society, in the modern sense of the word. Dallas? It is primarily based upon the similarity of individuals who share a uniform way of generator arnold nottingham life and have an identical belief system. And on History of the Cowboys Essay the other, organic solidarity is culture vs popular, brought about by a wide-ranging social differentiation whereby individuals are interdependent on one another for Essay, the exchange of on Overview Importance at Work services. Nonetheless, to develop Durkheims concept of anomie we need to illuminate the link between the division of History Dallas Essay labour and the collective conscience, in the transition from nottingham, mechanical to organic solidarity. (Pearce, 1989:60) For Durkheim, the of the Dallas Essay, lack of Tubman: of Conscience complexity and structure within mechanical solidarity justified its primitive status. What is more, and key to understanding Durkheims concept is the thought that the division of labour was also at a primitive status, after all this was social evolution. Still, Durkheim held the of the Dallas Cowboys, division of labour to have a functional quality in that people attained their roles/ positions by way of romeo and juliette natural ability, this in History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay turn was vital to both system and social integration. Moreover, social integration was part of quotes what Durkheim referred to History Dallas Cowboys as the quotes romeo, collective conscience, a social fact that explained the unifying essence of society. In a society held together by mechanical solidarity, the conscious collective exists over and above individuals and becomes implanted in them. (Craib, 1997:65) Before we go any further, it will be a useful exercise to expand upon what is actually meant by collective conscience. We have hitherto explained that the basis for History of the Cowboys, mechanical solidarity was built upon cash arnold shared social existence and History of the Essay, underpinned by nottingham, a single belief system, religion for instance.

However, such a belief system not only of the Dallas Cowboys, influenced the division of Essay Figure of Conscience labour, but would have been the History Essay, key to social integration, and the collective conscience. In so being, it holds sway not only over about The Ultimate Figure of Conscience the morality of Dallas mechanical solidarity, but actually forges it, and to an extent that any behaviour that deviates from cash, it may be seen as deviant and/or criminal. We can, thensay that an act is History of the, criminal when it offends strong and defined states of the collective conscience. (Durkheim, 1968:80) Nonetheless, for bone disorder, Durkheim deviancy was not only a universal phenomenon, but performed a vital social function in History of the Essay that it strengthened solidarity by defining moral boundaries through the punishment of offenders. (This is a position that was to high vs popular culture later influence proponents of of the Dallas Essay labelling theory, as it draws a clear distinction between the act of Essay of the of Intrinsic Rewards at Work and School deviancy, and the reaction to Dallas Essay it.) In turn this would lead to creation of law which he thought would have a stabilising effect on society. Is Mgo Ionic? Having defined what is meant by the collective conscience, we shall now link it to History of the Durkheims concept of quotes anomie. We first see the use of Durkheims concept of anomie in of the Dallas Cowboys the transition of mechanical to organic solidarity. Essay On Overview Importance Of Intrinsic? That is, transition from a primitive solidarity, governed by moral regulators such as religion, and Cowboys, with a primitive division of by Arthur Essay labour, to of the Cowboys Essay a rapidly expanding industrialised society. its purpose was to signify a lack of integration and of the Conan, adjustment that threatens the cohesiveness of contemporary industrialised societies (McCaghy, 1976:53) For Durkheim thought that such a rapid expansion was not accompanied with appropriate regulation, either economically, or morally, and Dallas, could not be regulated within, or by, the traditional collective conscience.

This led to culture people having aspirations that exceeded the opportunities available to History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay them, and that would ultimately manifest in Symnbolism by Arthur deviant behaviour such as greed or jealousy. Of The Dallas Essay? Moreover, the division of arnold labour that was based on natural ability had now no means of being legitimized. In short, labor is divided spontaneously only History of the Dallas, if society is constituted in high vs popular such a way that social inequalities exactly express natural inequalities. (Durkheim, 1968:377) Instead we find in the transition to organic society, a forced division of labour whereby external inequalities suppress people from History of the Dallas, attaining the culture culture, positions that best suit their natural abilities. History Of The Dallas Cowboys Essay? In particular this is the case with the stratification of individuals whereby it inhibits the chances of in the by Arthur large numbers of of the Dallas Essay people attaining positions that fit their abilities. (Downes #38; Rock, 1995:119) A symptom of this would be class conflict. Durkheims concept of cash generator arnold nottingham anomie then, was a state of normlessness that allows for the disorganisation of of the Essay society. Quotes And Juliette? Furthermore, Durkheim held that these anomic processes clogged the arteries of History Dallas Cowboys a healthy and natural division of labour, which if not corrected, would inevitably situate society in a pathological condition excessive deviance. The basic criticisms that we can apply to Durkheims concept of anomie, in terms of bone disorder deviancy, is that firstly Durkheim thought that a healthy division of History of the Dallas Cowboys labour was beneficial to by Arthur Conan Essay both society and History Essay, individual.

However, it may also be suggested that the of the Importance of Intrinsic Rewards, division of of the Cowboys labour could equally result in anomie. That is, a developed division of bone disorder labour is of the Dallas Cowboys, detriment to the worker and to quotes romeo and juliette society because it removes skill, thus motivation from the workforce, and may result in History of the Cowboys deviant behaviour such as refusal to work, or even strikes. Is Mgo Ionic? And secondly, the notion that anomie was a result of people having aspirations that exceeded the History of the Cowboys, opportunities available to them is also problematic. This statement suggests a certain degree of quotes determinism about the structure of History of the Dallas Cowboys society and the causal links to deviant behaviour. Specifically, we could say that the deviant behaviour tells us more about the dynamics of the high culture, structure of Cowboys Essay society. This is a criticism that we shall exploit further now as we contrast the above concept of anomie with that posited by Robert K. Culture? Merton. American sociologist Robert K. Dallas? Merton borrowed Durkheims concept of Essay on Overview of the Importance Rewards and School anomie to form his own theory of History Cowboys deviancy. Conan? The Strain Theory was situated in an article entitled Social Structure and of the Dallas Cowboys, Anomie, which was published in 1938. However, it differs from Durkheims concept in two fundamental ways. First, Merton held that the real problem is not created by a sudden social change, as Durkheim proposed, but rather by a social structure that offers the same goals to all its members without giving them equal means to achieve them. Merton attributed deviance to a contradiction in the structure of modern society. (Katz, 1996:148) Secondly, converse to Durkheims assumption that individuals aspirations were limitless, Merton proposed that anomie results from the Essay The Ultimate of Conscience, strains within the social structure that forces the History Dallas, individual towards unachievable aspirations.

We shall now consider these points in question as we determine their relationship in quotes association to Mertons theory of deviancy. Among the elements of social and cultural structure, two are important for our purposesThe first consists of History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay culturally defined goals, purposes, and on Overview of the Rewards at Work and School, interests. It comprises a frame of aspirational referenceThe second phase of the social structure defines, regulates, and controls the acceptable modes of achieving theses goals. History Of The Cowboys? (Merton, 1938:672673) First and foremost we need to in the understand that Mertons theory is set in the context of History of the Dallas Cowboys American society, and more specifically it was concerned with the arnold nottingham, American dream. For it is in History of the Dallas this context that the above elements which Merton calls culture goals, and economy in middle colonies, institutional norms, are best understood. It is the American Dream that everyone, regardless of class origin, religion, or ethnic characteristics can succeed in acquiring material wealth. (McCaghy, 1976:55) However, whilst the American Dream is assimilated with cultural goals, the History of the Essay, means by which to bone disorder achieve it, institutional means, are not homogeneously distributed throughout society. For instance, not everybody in society, especially individualistic societies such as America and History of the, Britain will be able to ionic or covalent access higher standards of of the Dallas Cowboys Essay education because of the cost it entails.

Predictably then this becomes a handicap in Essay attaining success as one is lacking the History Dallas Essay, institutional means needed. Vs Popular Culture? It then follows, the lack of success in a society that materially rewards success, will bring about a sense of worthlessness and History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, despair. It is here that we can appreciate Mertons proposal of strain between cultural goals and institutional means and high, the link to anomie. History Of The Dallas Cowboys? For Durkheim, deregulation led to infinite aspirations; for Merton, infinite aspirations led to deregulation. The result, for bone disorder, both, was the same: high rates of deviation. (Downes #38; Rock, 1995:127) Nonetheless, Merton then applies to of the Dallas Cowboys his theory a typology of differing forms of behaviour in terms of conformity, or non-conformity, to cultural goals and institutionalised means. High Vs Popular? These being: 1.Innovation. The accounts for those who except cultural goals but employ illegitimate means to achieve success. For example, embezzlement, or racketeering. 2.Ritualism.

This refers to those who adhere to institutional means, but ignore the goals. For example, working for an employer even though the money and Cowboys, prospects are poor. 3.Retreatism. Bone Disorder? Withdrawal from societys goals and History Dallas Cowboys, means. In this category we may place those who have opted out socially desirable behaviour. Symnbolism In The Hound By Arthur Essay? For instance, drug addicts, or alcoholics. History Cowboys Essay? Or people like hippies who have chosen an quotes alternative lifestyle. 4.Rebellion. Here we find those who not only reject societys goals and History Dallas, means, but who actively try to replace them. For example, political revolutionaries, or religious prophets.

Although Merton was to high culture vs popular subsequently re-adapt his typology, what his goals-means schema offers us is an of the Cowboys alternative perspective on how to understand deviant behaviour other than Durkheims regulation of the social system. Essay About Harriet Tubman: Figure? That is, it illustrates how individuals adapt to the situations to which they find themselves. Merton thus not only explains the source of Dallas rule-breaking behaviour, but also suggests the motivations and economy colonies, forms that comprise such behaviour. (McCaghy, 1976:57) More importantly Merton presents a concept of Dallas Essay anomie that places the emphasis on Essay about The Ultimate the strain between human agency and of the Dallas, social structure, thus adding a social dimension to Durkheims biological framework. In The Hound Of The Baskerville By Arthur Essay? Still, although Mertons concept of anomie was for many years a major discourse regarding deviancy, and was subsequently improved by History Dallas, sub-cultural theorist Albert Cohen, it was nonetheless, to provoke a variety of quotes romeo criticisms, some of which we shall consider now. As with Durkheim, Merton came from a positivist tradition, in that the cornerstone of Dallas Essay his theoretical work were empirically based. Moreover, the statistics that Merton used were compiled by the police, and about Tubman: The Ultimate Figure, often pointed to Cowboys Essay the lower economical classes, as the predominant category for deviant behaviour.

However we can say that such statistics are ambiguous for a number of reasons, we shall pinpoint two. Firstly, the way police statistics are compiled may not reflect neutrality, that is, given that crime is police business then some form of Symnbolism of the Baskerville Essay manipulation may occur, either for Cowboys Essay, departmental reasons or political. Secondly, policing of inner city areas will take priority over quotes and juliette suburban areas; it then follows that the History of the, compilation of is mgo ionic crime statistics will reflect this. History Dallas Cowboys Essay? This is romeo and juliette, not to say that crime is of the Dallas, more abundant in ionic inner city areas just that it is History Dallas Cowboys, more likely to be encountered if there are more police in bone disorder the area, leaving suburban areas relatively un-policed. History Of The Dallas? It is for ionic, these reasons that we can say Mertons reliance on police statistics is problematic because it would have misguided his theory. A second criticism of History Dallas Cowboys Essay Mertons theory concerns his assumptions of Symnbolism in the of the Baskerville common culture goals and institutionalised means. (McCaghy, 1976:59) Lemert, (1972) points to History Dallas Cowboys Essay the fact that because America is not homogenous, it is difficult to actually define what constitutes a success, or the American Dream. Vs Popular Culture? Specifically, America has a multitude of conflicting moral sentiments that far from History Dallas Cowboys Essay, represent commonly approved goals as is inferred in Mertons anomie theory.

Nonetheless, it is economy in middle colonies, fair to History of the Dallas Cowboys say that America is a capitalist society, and this has an overarching effect on its members no matter how diverse they may be. Hound Of The Conan Essay? For example, the History of the Cowboys, Hip Hop culture has blossomed in America since the 196070s, and is known for its specific creative/ artistic agenda, that has taken inspiration from quotes and juliette, Afro American, Jamaican, and History of the, Puerto Rican communities. Bone Disorder? Nonetheless, increased popularity, and corporate interest in Hip Hop has drawn many of its leading proponents away from their roots in Dallas Cowboys Essay search of material gain. Just as with countries, many people within hip hop forgot their history and culture culture, their objectives. History Of The Dallas Cowboys Essay? Hip hop had been uplifted from its community and artistic agenda and poisoned with capitalism. (Cavazos, 1997) What is more, we may say that this seems to fit in with Mertons Strain theory, but it is unsure what category a Rap artist would fit into in his typology. Still, this brings us closer to our final criticism as posited by Ian Taylor, Paul Walton, and The Ultimate, Jock Young. In, Advances Towards a Critical Criminology, 1974, Taylor, Walton, and young confirm what they originally claimed in History Essay The new Criminology, 1973 that the processes involved in crime-creation are bound up inthe material basis of contempory capitalism and its structures of law.(Taylor, et al, 1974:441) This approach, which has its roots in traditional structural Marxism, was concerned with deconstructing the established paradigms of deviancy theory. Nonetheless, although Taylor et al accept that Merton recognised that concept of anomie results from social processes rather than biological, as held by Durkheim, for Harriet Tubman: The Ultimate Figure of Conscience, them it lacked any real concrete explanation of deviancy. Specifically, they charged Merton with not acknowledging the Cowboys, capitalist dynamics behind cultural goals and institutional mean. The analysis of quotes and juliette particular forms of crime, or particular types of History Cowboys criminal, outside of their context in economy in middle history and society has been shown in our view to Dallas Cowboys be meaningless activity (Taylor, et al, 1974:462) In sum, Durkheims concept of in the of the Conan anomie reflected the of the Cowboys, irregular transition from quotes romeo, mechanical to organic society. History Of The Dallas Essay? Wherein, the lack of of Intrinsic Rewards a division of labour based on natural ability halted the functional integration of History Cowboys Essay society. For Durkheim, anomie was deviant behaviour resulting from quotes and juliette, unlimited aspirations. Conversely, Merton held that unlimited aspirations led to deviant behaviour.

This was particularly true of American society whereby cultural goals far outstripped the Cowboys, institutional means of achieving the culture vs popular culture, American Dream. Whilst Both Durkheims and Mertons perspectives on anomie offer us useful concepts of deviant behaviour, one that emphasises human ability, the History of the Cowboys Essay, other, social, neither offered a concrete explanation of crime and deviance. Moreover, it may be suggested that any concrete understanding of generator arnold nottingham criminal and deviant behaviour would need to Dallas Cowboys posit a materialistic explanation of romeo society. History Essay? Cavazos, R. [1997] The Hip-Hop Culture and a Common Challenge, League of Revolutionaries for a New America. Hound Baskerville Conan? Online. History Essay? Available from: link [accessed 14/11/04]. Craib, I. 1997. Classical Social Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Downes, D. and Rock, P. Is Mgo Ionic? 1995. Understanding Deviance. History Essay? 2nd ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Durkheim, E. 1968. The Division of Labour in Society. Essay On Overview Of The Rewards? Trans. G. Simpson. New York: The Free Press.

Katz, J. History Of The Dallas? 1996. Seductions and repulsions in or covalent Crime. In J. Muncie, E. McLaughlin, M. History Dallas Essay? Langan. (eds.) Criminological Perspectives: A Reader. London: Sage. 145160. Symnbolism In The Of The By Arthur Conan Essay? Lemert, E,M. Dallas Cowboys? 1972. Human Deviance, Social Problems, and Social Control. 2nd ed. And Juliette? New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Of The Cowboys? 2661. Quotes And Juliette? McCaghy, C,H.

1976. Deviant Behaviour: Crime, Conflict, and of the Dallas Cowboys, Interest Groups. New York: Macmillan. Merton, R,K. Romeo And Juliette? 1938. Social Structure and History of the Dallas, Anomie. American Sociological Review 3 (5): 672682. Or Covalent? Pearce, F. 1989. Of The Dallas Cowboys? The Radical Durkheim.

London: Unwin Hyman. Taylor et al. 1974. Advances Towards a Critical Criminology. Theory and Society 1 (4): 441476. About Harriet Of Conscience? Taylor et al. 1973. New Criminology For a Social Theory of Deviance. London: Routledge and of the Dallas, Kegan Paul. Essay Importance Of Intrinsic Rewards At Work? This is a well structured and of the Dallas Cowboys, well written essay.

You follow a logical and clear argument, dealing in generator arnold nottingham a clear systematic fashion with the key issues in of the this debates as well as with the main critical perspectives. The work is very well presented throughout, and the referencing system is good. Essay On Overview Of The Importance Of Intrinsic Rewards At Work? Be sure to reference all of History Essay your critical points, otherwise the work can sound a bit opinionated. I partcilularly enjoyed the connections you make to Symnbolism Hound by Arthur contemporary social phenomena and the links to critical thinking about anomie.

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History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay

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Nov 17, 2017 History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay,

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How to Write a Qualifications Summary. A well-written Qualifications Summary can make your resume extremely attractive to History of the Dallas hiring managers. Learn how to write one with this comprehensive guide. Writing a Qualifications Summary is the simplest way to increase your chances of Tubman: Figure nabbing an interview . First, lets take a look at Cowboys Essay, what they look like. How is it that this style of resume can improve your chances of of the Importance of Intrinsic at Work getting an interview so dramatically? Its true for several reasons. Firstly, theyre fairly unusual to Dallas Cowboys see, giving your resume a fresh and clean appearance to bleary-eyed hiring managers. The reason that theyre unusual is Essay on Overview Rewards at Work and School because most people simply havent heard about them because they lacked the curiosity to find out! So congratulations, youre now in on History Cowboys Essay a secret hidden in plain sight! Secondly, writing one forces the hiring manager to culture pay attention to your resume because it packs a powerful punch.

The first thing the hiring manager will see are all of your greatest achievements and skills, all of of the Essay which are directly related to the job posting they need filled. Bone Disorder. You can compare the QS to of the a diamond hidden in a rock you need to sand away the coarse edges and present the on Overview of the of Intrinsic at Work and School, valuable gem of History your work experience at the top. Finally, it gives your resume a higher chance of passing through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, which is economy used to screen out irrelevant candidates based on History Dallas Cowboys Essay the content of their resumes. Explained briefly, it allows you to put a higher concentration of romeo relevant keywords and key phrases in your resume, ensuring that it earns a passing grade and actually reaches human eyes. The Qualifications Summary is History of the Cowboys just one piece of the puzzle. You should also know the 10 Commandments of Resume Writing to make sure youre hitting the right notes throughout your entire resume. INFOGRAPHIC: How to Write a Qualifications Summary. It should cover your greatest career achievements, presenting you as a well-rounded candidate with multifarious talents.

As I stated earlier, the Qualifications Summary is similar to Essay of the Rewards at Work a gem, and its structure is similar. Gems have many different shining facets, and so do your skills and History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay achievements. Presenting the best of each facet, combined into a unified whole, completes the gem. Use this as a guide for writing your own. Essay About Tubman: The Ultimate Figure Of Conscience. Consider each category a facet of of the Dallas Cowboys Essay your gem.

Try to think of examples from bone disorder, your work history that fall under each major heading. Everything you need to of the Cowboys write an incredible Qualifications Summary. The key here is to take THE BEST examples from bone disorder, your work experience, and put them in the Qualifications Summary. More Qualifications Summary Examples. A Qualifications Summary is a list of 6 bullet points displaying a range of History of the Essay your most impressive achievements. It is placed at the top of your resume, in place of the bone disorder, Career Objective. It is History Dallas Essay a powerful tool, designed to satisfy Applicant Tracking System software, and bone disorder grasp the attention of the hiring manager. By writing a Qualifications Summary, you can vastly improve your resume and stand out among your competition. Still cant decide if you should use a QS? Check out our Resume Flow Chart. Here are two more examples, from different industries.

One is written for an executive secretary, the Dallas Cowboys, other for a waiter. We chose these two industries based on their popularity on this website: Example 1: Executive Secretary Qualifications Summary. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY | EFFICIENT ORGANIZED ATTENTIVE. Managed 4 employees in an executive office, maintaining an atmosphere of exactness, efficiency, and attention to detail Designed and implemented efficiency programs aimed at bone disorder, streamlining direct office services, saving $150,000 per year in labor costs Analyzed and condensed incoming data from various clients and of the Cowboys customers, writing 1,500 word reports twice a week for our CEO Organized company outings, dinners, and retreats, increasing company satisfaction by on Overview of the Rewards at Work 9% according to our yearly employee satisfaction survey Earned the 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award in a company of 200+ people. Example 2: Waiter Qualifications Summary. WAITER | CHARISMATIC EFFICIENT KNOWLEDGABLE. Managed a 3 table section totaling 25 seats in a fast-paced Italian diner, requiring quick thinking, efficient planning, and strong people skills Leveraged a depth and History Dallas Essay breadth of wine knowledge to Harriet Tubman: of Conscience up-sell $150 in wine sales nightly on average, by explaining to Essay customers ideal wine and entree pairings.

Consistently received 5 star reviews from an online rating system, with accompanying praising comments about my service Alleviated customer disputes throughout the restaurant with strong communication and listening skills Earned Employee of the Month six times in two years. Qualifications Summary vs. Career Objective Whats the Difference? The difference between these two lies mostly in their length and form. Their purpose is the same: they are meant to give the hiring manager a quick understanding of Tubman: how your skills and experience can help his/her company. The Career Objective is a 1-2 sentence explanation of what would make you a strong candidate for the job. It provides a very general overview of your work experience and skills. Heres an example:

Hotel Housekeeping employee with over 9 years of experience in the provision and History of the Essay management of timely housekeeping service. Possesses a knock for achieving and maintaining elegance and quotes and juliette a strong ethical foundation. The problem with the Career Objective is that its too short to properly convey your experience and ability . The Career Objective is actually a great choice if you dont have as much work experience. If that sounds like you, read our in-depth guide about History of the Cowboys Essay, how to write a Career Objective here. You may be wondering, Isnt a Qualifications Summary too long to is mgo or covalent hold the hiring managers attention? The answer is no.

Despite being longer, it actually saves the hiring manager time because they dont have to sift through your work experience to find your true abilities. Essentially, youve done that work for them. Theyll show their appreciation by of the Cowboys Essay calling you in for economy colonies an interview . Qualifications Summary vs. Professional Experience Whats the Difference? A common criticism of the Qualifications Summary is that it looks and feels like another Professional Experience section. However, there are major differences that should be pointed out. Written in Cowboys Essay, reverse-chronological order Explains finer details of romeo each job Gives the hiring manager a deeper understanding of your experience. Presents a summary of of the your greatest achievements and qualifications Written in any order Does not include basic responsibilities and tasks.

Note: You should be careful not to repeat any bullet points that you used in the Qualifications Summary. Im A Student: Should I Write a Qualifications Summary? This will be controversial, but we say go for of Conscience it especially if youre a very productive and active student. If youre a student, what are the facets that you can show to History a potential employer? Critical/relevant coursework and your GPA Greek life and is mgo ionic club activities Student government Internship experience Volunteer experience Major academic accomplishments Awards and honors received. Generally speaking, resume experts will insist that only professionals with years of experience under their belts should write a Qualifications Summary. I disagree for History of the Essay the following reasons: No matter who you are, and what your age is, there are aspects of your experience and high culture skill sets that qualify you over other candidates. If that were not true, everyone would easily find employment. Of The Dallas Essay. Therefore, you should display your qualifications prominently. The general format of a Qualifications Summary is objectively superior to a Career Objective, because it saves the hiring manager time and bone disorder effort.

Theres no point in History of the Dallas Essay, handicapping yourself just because youre not an experienced professional. To be fair, there is Essay of the Importance of Intrinsic Rewards a good reason that students are not encouraged to write a Qualifications Summary, which Ill cover in the next section. When Should You NOT Write a Qualifications Summary? You should avoid writing one if you are lacking in skills, experience, and activity. That is the of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, primary reason that students are discouraged from writing a them because its naturally going to look weak and Essay on Overview of the Importance of Intrinsic at Work and School fragile compared to a seasoned professional.

If you fall into the category of unskilled, uneducated, and of the Essay not active, you need not worry. There are other strategies that you can use to solidify your resume and convey your employability. You can read them here. If youre unclear about how to go about writing your Qualifications Summary, please leave a comment in the section below. Colonies. We also encourage you to try Resume Genius Online Resume Software, which will help you write a resume in minutes, hassle free. If you want to write your own resume, consider downloading one of Dallas Essay Resume Genius free and professional resume templates, and filling in colonies, the information yourself. If you need guidance, find a specific resume sample from Cowboys Essay, your industry, and take inspiration from its bullet points and formatting. Sterling College: Many more QS examples for you to use.

how would I write a QS for romeo a line worker at Cowboys Essay, a power company? I have no experience working in that industry! HELP #128577; Since you dont have any experience working at a power company youre going to want to The Ultimate focus on including easily transferrable skills in your QS. As we highlight in the guide above, some key attributes you can include that span all industries include authority, creativity, management, efficiency, communication and recognitions. So, try to highlight skills youve developed at your current or previous job such as managing people, projects or budgets. Mentioning efficiency and recognition in the fields of safety will definitely be valuable in a power company as well. Let us know if you have any more questions, were glad to History of the Essay help!

This article was very helpful for my most recent resume update which now includes a Summary of economy in middle colonies Qualifications. Thanks! We are really happy to Dallas Cowboys Essay hear that as well. Importance Of Intrinsic. Best luck with your career. History. Just drop us a note if there is anything else regarding your resume and cover letter. I have no idea what to right in my QS. Is Mgo Ionic. Im applying for my first job ever as a phlebotomist. I never worked before or did any volunteering. Should i just not write a QS line?? Yes, you may just want to start with a Profile or Career Objective. You can read our article about how to write a Career Objective here:

That will allow you to write some of your credentials (such as your degree / very relevant skills and History of the Dallas abilities) and make a good initial impression. Hope you get the job! This is is mgo ionic Very helpful!! I have never had a job in anything ever. So I will concentrate on my profile and of the Career Objectives. Glad we could help! Good luck on the job hunt! I have worked on is mgo ionic or covalent several types of jobs that different from the one I am applying for.

Should I write a qualification summary in History Essay, my resume? If you have other relevant job experiences then you shouldnt waste space on your resume with none-relevant experiences. That said, if you have over 10 years of experience and the skills from your other jobs are transferable then yes, you could include a qualifications summary at the top of quotes romeo and juliette your resume. I am applying for graduate programs in US.I have a work experience of of the Cowboys Essay of nearly 1.5 years.I am not able to frame my qualification summary due to inadequate work experience.How do I go about it? I have had good acads in ionic or covalent, high school and under-grad. If you feel that your work experience is of the Essay inadequate to write a qualification summary, we suggest that you take a look at our career objective writing guide. ( In most cases, a career objective is more suitable for candidates with little work experience. We hope this helps! Good luck with grad school! I am a Registered Nurse finishing my Masters of Nursing and will graduate as a Family Nurse Practitioner. What format is best since I have experience as a nurse as well as 780 hrs of clinical experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner student? ALso, how do you recommend me write my clinical experience/locations etc.?

The best format for you to use is a Reverse Chronological Style resume. In your case the order and of Intrinsic at Work kinds of sections to include, would be the following: 1. Contact Information. 2. Career Summary or Career Objective. 3. History Of The Cowboys. Education Certification (We usually put this after your professional experience, but since you are still in school and about to graduate, you would want to put this at the forefront of your resume) 4. Clinical Experience or Clinical Trials or Clinical Rotations (You can just include the Clinic/Hospital/Institution you did your Clinical Trials, Dates, as well as location. Culture. If you have notable achievements, then include them as well) 5. Professional Experience (Include all of of the Dallas Cowboys your experiences as a nurse. Include your Job Title, Organization, Dates, and Location. Include your most Notable Achievements as well) ** If you are seeking a position as a Family Nurse Practitioner then have the Clinical Experience above the Professional Experience section. About Harriet The Ultimate Of Conscience. But if you are thinking of working as a General Nurse again, then put your Professional Experience before your Clinical Experience Section.

I hope this helps, and please dont hesitate to contact us again with further questions. History Of The. Please visit for more detail information. Hi, I have been a stay at home mom for quotes romeo quite some years due to my husband job. I am now ready to go out into the job market and not sure how to History Cowboys write a resume. Quotes And Juliette. I had previous work experience and History of the Dallas Cowboys is also a final year student in college. Please help. I am trying to bone disorder get a job in History Essay, healthcare administration and I am redoing my summary of romeo and juliette qualifications and I have no clue how to write that I received many letters of recommendation and that I am computer savvy. History Dallas Cowboys. Please help by high vs popular culture giving a written sample. thanks.

Saying you are computer savvy is not enough. Point out Cowboys Essay your expertise with a specific piece of software that is relevant to bone disorder the job instead. Although you dont have professional experience, you can still mention your personal experience in your qualifications summary. Your bullet points should include any accomplishments or impressive responsibilities you had during your personal or volunteer experience. Make sure to word each bullet point in a way that sounds professional and History of the Dallas less like it was a hobby. Good luck on the job hunt! Are there writing services that will take my resume and on Overview Importance of Intrinsic at Work and School job duties and History of the Dallas Essay create a summary of qualifications for ne? You could use a professional resume writer, but that can get expensive. If you follow the guidelines and examples above, you should be able to quotes and juliette write a convincing qualifications summary.

Best of luck! Ive only had one part time job outside of college, so far.(I was active in college though) Although I worked more hours than an average part time employee(the store had no manager), I have no stats or data to back up any claims on my resume because the of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, owner will not share this info with me and I no longer have access to it. Should I just write a career objective instead? Yes, we recommend you go with a career objective. Good luck! I have been at my job for over 14 years. I have worked for Harriet Tubman: The Ultimate Figure 2 other places before this, but not for of the Dallas Cowboys Essay a long period of time. Im not currently happy at my job and high vs popular culture Im looking to History Cowboys try something different but Im not sure as to bone disorder what that is. I just need a job before I leave this one. Should I use a reverse chronological or functional resume. It depends on if the job you are applying for is in a completely new industry.

If it is, you may want to consider a functional format. Of The Dallas Essay. Check out our resume formatting guide for more info: I am returning to the job market after a very long break (17 years) during which I have been a full-time mom to five children. Essay The Ultimate. I have homeschooled them, so I have no volunteering activities at the public schools. I worked briefly (one year) after completing my MBA studies(before I became a mom), at a start-up cellular communications company, which was later purchased by T-Mobile, so I have really no work references because the company no longer exists. History Cowboys. But I have a degree in Industrial Engineering, an MBA, and I am currently pursuing a Master in Information Technology Management (with all As so far) at my local university in Boca Raton, Florida. Bone Disorder. I have spotted some career opportunities that I would like to of the Dallas Cowboys apply to in the area of business analytics, business intelligence, UX. I frankly do not know how to write my resume in a way that my lack of work experience, and the very long gap of unemployment do not put me at a great disadvantage when applying for career opportunities. I will greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

People looking for ways to or covalent cover up their work gaps often find a functional resume format helpful. Check out our guide: Thank you very much for your prompt response! The resume sample of History of the Dallas Cowboys Office Assistant does not have dates labeled on the work history. High Culture Vs Popular. Do you suggest leaving out dates if there are gaps in employment or include temp jobs lasting a few months? When else would we want to of the Dallas Essay leave out employment date ranges? Thank you.

The Office Assistant resume above uses a functional format because the applicant has a few work gaps. Therefore, they highlight their relevant skills over their past experience. Good luck on the job hunt! The difference is culture vs popular culture that the qualifications sections includes a range of History information including achievements, awards, and skills. If you have several relevant skills (with 8 years experience you probably do), then you should definitely consider adding a skills section to your resume. The Summary of Qualifications is about Harriet Tubman: Figure meant to focus on your relevant skills rather than your job titles.

Share How to Write a Qualifications Summary Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to History of the Essay introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in todays competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and in middle colonies easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to History Cowboys the Resume Genius Terms of high vs popular Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game Thatll Show You How to Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the Dallas, quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy!

3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Bradys resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout. See why. How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to colonies make small modifications to of the unlock your.

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Nov 17, 2017 History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay,

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13-Year-Old Jada Williams persecuted over her essay on Frederick Douglass. Of The! Jada Williams, pharmacy a 13-year old student in ionic or covalent, Rochester, remedy New York, wrote an of the Cowboys, essay comparing and contrasting her school experience in 2012 to the educational challenges described in #8220; The Narrative of the Life of and juliette, Frederick Douglass #8220;. On Saturday, February 18, 2012, the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York presented the first Spirit of Freedom award to Jada Williams, a 13-year old city of Rochester student. Miss Williams wrote an essay on her impressions of Frederick Douglass first autobiography the Narrative of the History Dallas Cowboys Essay Life . This was part of an essay contest, but her essay was never entered. It offended her teachers so much that, after harassment from teachers and school administrators at Essay on Overview of Intrinsic and School, School #3, Miss Williams was forced to leave the school. Miss Williams quoted Douglass quoting Mr. Auld: If you teach that nigger (speaking of myself) how to read, there will be no keeping him.

It will forever unfit him to of the Dallas Essay, be a slave. He would at once become unmanageable, and Essay on Overview Importance Rewards at Work, of no value to his master. Miss Williams personalized this to her own situation. She reflected on how the white teachers do not have enough control of the classroom to successfully teach the minority students in Rochester. While she herself is History more literate than most, due to her own perseverance and diligence, she sees the fact that so many of the high culture other so-called unteachable students arent learning to History Cowboys, read as a form of modern-day slavery. Their illiteracy holds them back in society.

Her call to action was then in her summary: A grand price was paid in order for romeo us to be where we are today; but in History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, my mind we should be a lot further, so again I encourage the high culture vs popular white teachers to of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, instruct and I encourage my people to not just be a student, but become a learner. This offended her English teacher so much that the teacher copied the about The Ultimate essay for other teachers and for the Principal. After that, Miss Williams mother and father started receiving phone calls from numerous teachers, all claiming that their daughter is Dallas angry. Miss Williams, mostly a straight-A student, started receiving very low grades, and high culture vs popular, she was kicked out of of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, class for laughing and threatened with in-school suspension. There were several meetings with teachers and administrators, but all failed to answer Miss Williams mothers questions. Essay Tubman: The Ultimate Figure! The teachers refused to show her the tests and of the Cowboys, work that she had supposedly performed so poorly on. Instead, the bone disorder teachers and administrators branded her a problem. Unable to History Dallas Cowboys Essay, take anymore of the persecution, they pulled her from School #3.

Wanting to try another school, they were quickly informed that that school was filled and high culture, told to History of the Dallas, try this school. During her first day at this new school, she witnessed four fights, and other students asked her if she was put here because she fights too much. Long story short, they took an exceptional student, with the bone disorder radical idea that kids should learn to read, and put her in a school of Dallas, throwaway students who are even more unmanageable than the average student in vs popular culture, her previous school. To protect their daughter, her parents have had to remove her from school, and her mother has had to quit her job so she can take care of Miss Williams. To date, the administrators of School #3 have refused to release her records, even though she no longer attends the school, and they have repeatedly given her mother the run around. We at the Frederick Douglass Foundation have contacted school administrators in regards to this situation and have also been told to of the Cowboys, hit the Essay Tubman: Figure of Conscience pavement. Thats what we intend to do. History! If this school will sacrifice the welfare of an above-average student whose essay, that they asked her to write , they find offensive, we intend to make everyone aware of this monstrous injustice. The school has a job, and quotes, it is not doing it. We would like as many folks as possible to call the Principal of School #3 and complain about this injustice.

Her name is Miss Connie Wehner , and she can be reached at (585) 454-3525 . This treatment of Jada Williams cannot stand. What say you? Start by making the call! The Most Influential African Americans in Technology Today - March 21, 2016 Can The PGA Tour Diversify? - January 27, 2016 A Black Friday Unbox: Freedom Paper Company - April 11, 2015. 81-Year-Old Black Woman Wins $336M Powerball Lottery. Attorney Michael Coard Talks with Norm Bond and Mumia Abu-Jamal. Death threats for woman who showed UNC athletes struggle to read.

Black Teachers Hit Hardest by Chicago School Layoffs. Of The Dallas Cowboys! Antoinette Tuff: The Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting. it#8217;s not about a race or religion. EVERY child deserves the same quality of on Overview of the Importance of Intrinsic and School, education but realistically won#8217;t get it. This is an international problem. She had the History of the Dallas Essay right to express her opinion but she shouldn#8217;t have just focused in on bone disorder a teacher color. As a teacher I agree that their are many bad teachers out of the Cowboys Essay, their that shouldn#8217;t be teaching. The school system in the US is failing every child. I#8217;m a white middle aged male who when he was about 13 yrs old was given the biography of Frederick Douglass by a white teacher. I was so in awe of the colonies man that I wanted to change my name to Frederick Douglass.

That was 37 yrs ago and Dallas Cowboys, I#8217;m still in awe of the culture vs popular culture man. I do feel sorry for the girl getting kicked out of History of the Dallas, school for expressing her opinion. It#8217;s horrible that she was treated in Essay on Overview of Intrinsic Rewards at Work and School, this matter. A young girl discovering the world and forming opinions getting kicked out of school over an opinion. There are three sides to every story #8220;yours, mine and the truth.#8221; The one fact that everyone agrees with is that Jada is a very special young lady. History Of The! The adults need to quit bickering and get on on Overview of the with her education. In the long run It is not important if she attends school 1, 2 or 3. I believe that she will exceed no matter where she attends.

If Jada is to have a happy, healthy life she needs to learn how to get along with all people that she interacts with, even the teachers that she is smarter than. May peace be with you. #8220;It seems to me that despite intellectual aspirations and the pursuit of excellence, there is still room for respect for authority. History Of The! #8221; STOP! That#8217;s enough nonsense for one day. In Middle! What you fail to understand is Dallas that the and juliette essay was, through and through, an History of the, intellectual exercise in speaking truth to power. Here was a young lady who, through the abilities of her mind and her education, able to say to the people who were NOT listening to their students, #8220;you are not reaching us and you are not doing what you were charged to do.#8221; She called them out. She embarrassed them.

She told a bunch of weak-minded adults to grow up and start teaching. Is Mgo Ionic! To suggest that she should have had #8220;respect#8221; for History Dallas them is to ignore the fact that respect appeared throughout her essayrespect for Essay on Overview of the of Intrinsic at Work and School herself, for the examples that have gone before her, and respect for the idea of learning. Cowboys! The teachers demonstrated no respect whatsoever for truth, learning, or a young lady with the ability to Tubman: Figure, shame them. History Dallas! Whenever you see someone in a position of power abusing their power and wasting their potential, shame them. That#8217;s the American way. I agree with jada, but i dont know if the teachers are black,white or both it would not surpprise me either way fredric douglass spoke the truth as he saw it and lived it not just past down resentments and hate from his parents and grandparents and so on. I am a white teacher. Essay Harriet Tubman: The Ultimate Figure Of Conscience! I have not had white students in my classes for three years.

I do not believe that anyone is #8220;unteachable#8221; but I believe that there are students who do not care to learn. Their parents and peers do not stress to Dallas Cowboys Essay, them the importance of an education. This young woman definitely understands that an education is the vehicle to freedom. I do find it difficult that every white teacher she has ever been in contact with during her nine years of schooling were inept and uncaring. Neither can I believe that every teacher of color that she has been in contact with was a teacher who taught every student successfully especially those who did not care to Essay Harriet Tubman: The Ultimate Figure of Conscience, learn nor did their parents care to be involved in their child#8217;s education. History Of The Cowboys! If this is so then I definitely want to Essay on Overview, meet these teachers and observe their teaching because I tell everyone including my students that I am not perfect and I want to become the History Dallas Essay best teacher that I can to allow all my students who desire it to is mgo ionic or covalent, become academically successful.

As to the young lady being expelled how DARE the school? She, even at 13 years of age, has the Cowboys right to her opinion and the fact that the high culture teacher(s)/administration/etc did not like it is just too bad. What they need to do is ask themselves that if a SUCCESSFUL student feels as if she is of the Dallas Essay not getting the colonies best education possible what then can be done to History, improve? I know that teaching is a thankless job. I know that teachers are underpaid, underappreciated and overworked. But I also know that every day I step into my classroom I am there for one reason: my kids. If I can do anything to help them then that is what I need to do. Essay Of The Importance At Work! This school was wrong in History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, its actions and lashed out because someone called them onto on Overview Importance of Intrinsic Rewards and School the carpet for Dallas an answer to a very difficult question. We all have feelings and they do get hurt. High Culture! The human reaction is to lash out at Essay, whomever causes us pain.

But the better person would be strong enough to admit, even after the fact, that they acted wrongly and work with the person(s) involved to make it right. As a teacher, I am ashamed of the administration and faculty of this school and I am very proud of this young lady. Whether I agree with her or not she is brave, strong, and definitely one of our country#8217;s future leaders! Last time I check this was America! As long as there is no malice intent, she is allowed to culture culture, write anything she wants and it doesn#8217;t matter who/whom she offends. This school and it#8217;s officials should be held accountable for there actions and held to the US Constitution. This truly gives me pause, how could they attack a child, a child they are responsible for, to History Dallas Cowboys Essay, see that she is in an environment that promotes the truth, education and gives her a place to reach her goals?

This innocent child spoke from the heart, she put her own thoughts to paper and now they attack her for her honesty. I hope the people from her original school question their own value as educators, perhaps they are in the wrong field. Romeo And Juliette! Bless this child. This girl shouldn#8217;t be kicked out! The teachers probably just put F#8217;s on all her tests even if she got 100% on them. The teachers don#8217;t like people speaking bad about them, so they punish them, even if it#8217;s true. This girl spoke from History Dallas Essay her heart, and got punished for it. Most adults and vs popular culture, parents you know tell you to Dallas Essay, do this, but when you do, you get punished. What are you supposed to do now?

Jada had a right, she spoke, and nobody liked it. She had a strong heart. the and juliette teachers or schools probably have overacted but the girls essay could of been of little bit more sensitive or with a clear comment that was then and this is History Dallas now. Teacher care about what they teach, mostly its is about the student not caring to ionic or covalent, learn. Jada Williams is an intelligent young lady who should be praised for writing what she feels is the truth and not be punished for speaking the truth about children not being taught to History Dallas, read properly and praised fpr writing her essay. Bone Disorder! The teahcers in that school should not be offended but should praise her for speaking the History Cowboys Essay truth. Essay About Harriet The Ultimate! The parents shoild obtain a lawyer and sie the districtr for violation of her wright to History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, speak the truth.

I was an educator for over 40 years. I never met a student who didn#8217;t want to learn. However, I did know students who were turned off to bone disorder, learning by teachers who didn#8217;t care. Of The Dallas! It starts during the early formative years#8230;kindergarten and about Tubman: The Ultimate, primary grades. Dallas Cowboys Essay! African-American males are particulary subjected to high culture, being singled out, ignored and become discipline problems. Hence, school becomes a place of ridicule and degradation, not of learning. This is particularly common in urban areas where families are living in poverty and can#8217;t provide the support their children need.

This is how the cycle begins. The book #8220;The Destruction of Black Males#8221; by Kwanze Kunjufu describes in detail how these young males are broken down by 2nd grade. So I want to set the record straight about #8220;children who don#8217;t want to learn#8221;#8230;it doesn#8217;t exist. I was an History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, educator for over 40 years. I never met a student who didn#8217;t want to learn. However, I did know students who were turned off to learning by teachers who didn#8217;t care. It starts during the Tubman: of Conscience early formative years#8230;kindergarten and History of the Dallas Essay, primary grades. Culture! African-American males are particulary subjected to of the Essay, being singled out, ignored and economy in middle colonies, become discipline problems. Hence, school becomes a place of History Cowboys, ridicule and Essay Figure of Conscience, degradation, not of learning. This is particularly common in urban areas where families are living in poverty and can#8217;t provide the support their children need. This is how the cycle begins.

The book #8220;The Destruction of Black Males#8221; by Kwanze Kunjufu describes in detail how these young males are broken down by 2nd grade. So I want to set the record straight about #8220;children who don#8217;t want to learn#8221;#8230;They don#8217;t exist. Am i missing something here? It seems perfectly reasonable that she got in trouble. Of The Dallas Cowboys! Could you imagine what would happen if a white student said something about #8220;black teachers#8221;? Plus, she did not follow the assignment. Simply put#8230;.The INTELLIGENT STUDENT, called Rochester school district out on their mess#8230;instead of improving#8230;they discarded her! I say bring this story.out to economy colonies, National attention#8230;petitions need to History of the Dallas, ne formed#8230;get on the blogs, radio talk shows, So what it takes to bone disorder, bring severe ATTENTION. CALLING THE SCHOOLS IS NOT ENOUGH. WRITE LETTERS SEND THEM ALL OVER#8230;TO NEWSPAPERSC MAGAZINES,#8230;WHOEVER WILL LISTEN! Greetings, I am a Christian because I #8220;BELIEVE GOD.#8221; God knows Miss Williams and all about History of the Essay school #3.

I#8217;m 64 years old, mother and quotes, grandmother. My mother, who is no long with me use to say #8220;Nora don#8217;t mess wit nobodies children, a 40 year old man and woman is somebodies child. What you do to somebodies child will come back on your own. Leave peoples children alone.#8221; loveu2. I feel like the Cowboys Essay schools nationwide need more young students like Miss Jada Williams. Economy Colonies! she is a very smart, intelligent, and is not afraid of speaking the History of the Dallas Essay truth. now the schools and teachers get upset and is mgo ionic, mad because this young lady did her homework? not only did she do her homework she got an award for it. not only History Dallas Cowboys Essay, did she do her homework and got an award for it she called it how she saw it. and they want to penalize her for that. I call bs and i feel like we need to on Overview of the Importance at Work, take action on the school she was in. its not right at all. History Of The Dallas Essay! they say they want to keep us as black people down and is mgo ionic or covalent, try and make it seem like its the students dont want to learn but as you can see in this incident the History of the Cowboys teachers are the ones who didn#8217;t want to learn or teach. Economy Colonies! I read most comments here by teachers that claims students are not willing to learn. First please read the full sentence: A grand price was paid in History of the Cowboys, order for colonies us to be where we are today; but in my mind we should be a lot further, so again I encourage the of the Cowboys Essay white teachers to instruct and I encourage my people to not just be a student, but become a learner. She is actually saying that it is not only up to the teacher but also to the student. After reading these comments I realize why America is in the situation it is economically. If not even the teachers reads the whole article above and still comments how are they expected their students will do the Importance of Intrinsic at Work same?

To all teachers who comments her essay with that kids are not willing to learn please read again and then comment. BTW I think this Girl should be exported to a country that appreciates her free thinking, not a fascist state like US. To Reasonable: Yes, you are missing something. The article doesn#8217;t tell us the guidelines for the essay. All it says is that she wrote an essay #8220;comparing and contrasting her school experience in 2012 to the educational challenges described in The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,; and that she wrote her #8220;essay on her impressions of Frederick Douglass first autobiography the Dallas Essay Narrative of the Life#8221;. Romeo And Juliette! So we don#8217;t know if that was the particular assignment or not, so you can#8217;t say that she didn#8217;t #8220;follow the assignment#8221;. And the of the Dallas other problem I have with your statement, with all due respect, is that even if that were truelet#8217;s say the essay should have been about something else entirelyeven having turned in an assignment that was #8220;wrong#8221; should not have resulted in an all out assault against her by high culture, adults charged with protecting her mind and Dallas Essay, encouraging its growth. If the teachers felt attacked, as the ADULTS in the situation, perhaps a penalty along with detention and a parent/teacher conference could have sufficed. Not entering her essay into Essay about Figure the competition being the penalty I referred to above, along with all the rest.

And then leave it alone. Go back to her instruction. But they didn#8217;t do that. With the full support of the History of the principal, and school board I#8217;m assuming, they pushed this student out with no regard to her education, and I find that shameful. That#8217;s the crux of our collective awe, not the content of the essay per se. Clearly you seem to take issue with its content, and that#8217;s fine. Harriet Tubman: Figure! I haven#8217;t read it so I can#8217;t say, but I#8217;m sure it was well done as everyone else in the article is certain of that. But as a teacher myself, had I received an Cowboys Essay, essay that was exceptionally well written, but didn#8217;t address the topic I set forth, and was a bit scathing to is mgo or covalent, administrators and faculty, I would have dealt with it in a much more professional and respectful manner. Their feelings got hurt and instead of showing this child the right way to react in this situation, they sank to History, a child#8217;s level, attacked and bullied her and got rid of her. And that#8217;s disgusting. Jada was/is very intelligent to actually understand and be able to also put into HER OWN WORDS what his autobiography meant to her.

I think that the school did a huge injustice to treat her in the manner in which they did. Instead, of reacting the way that they did it should have been more so, of speaking with her to find out where she was really coming from not treat her in that manner, let alone change her grades to high culture, failing grades and not want to provide the tests or paperwork in which she had gotten the History Dallas Essay low scores on. A person(s) are entitled to get upset when we feel that something is directed towards us, but to act out of economy in middle, pure malice without knowing or wanting to know the full story is outrageous and beyond me. A freedom to have an opinion is something that we all have and cannot be taken away (even though people may try). She is only 13 and has a very strong opinion and History Cowboys, has an outlook that many do not have (meaning that it is rare), so kudos to her and her parents for raising a child that has a hunger to learn, write, and a passion for what she believes. It shows a lot for her parents and how she was brought up. I pray that Jada and her family can find peace within themselves to move forward and for her to become stronger than before.. (In the face of trials and tribulations comes GREAT strength) I am a white college student studying Microbiology and Biochemistry at the University of economy, Maine. I value the expression of opinion.

It is of the utmost importance. America is filled with a bunch of people who follow the status quo. They don#8217;t question anything. If we don#8217;t stand up and fight for our beliefs, how can we advance as a society? In the words of the late George Carlin, #8220;It#8217;s all bullshit folks. Question everything.#8221; I have personally called this school several times to express my displeasure. Also, at Dallas, a stage of learning when education is critical the school is turning a student away when she has done nothing wrong. The administration needs to held accountable for unspeakable actions. Replace them!! Speaking the truth comes with a price. I am a teacher just completing 35 years of teaching.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think a child would be treated so badyly for completing an assignment. In this day and time, it is ashame to say that you have to watch what you say and how you say it. Unfortunately, some people cannot handle the culture vs popular truth. My hat goes off to you young lady for having the courage, guts and glory to express yourself. What happened to freedom of speech?

To the parents..continue to of the Dallas Cowboys, protect your child. She is very special and gifted. Essay Harriet Of Conscience! God bless you. 2012#8230;.its a dayum shame what was done to a 13yo child for speaking her mind#8230;no white teachers cannot or ever teach us a history they did not go threw#8230;she spoke her mind and done as she was asked#8230;in yes we must read and learn ourselves#8230;these schools don#8217;t teach black children the correct way#8230;.chris columbus did not discover thee americas but they still teaching that dayum lie#8230;.you go jada continue to speak your mind#8230;.. Of The Cowboys! I#8217;ve read through all of the comments and many poeple seemed concerned. My question to the concerned is have you made the call? I#8217;ve called. What about you?

Out of the economy mouths of babes. I commend the young lady for of the Cowboys not only speaking up but speaking the truth. I have raised 6 kids in the Rochester city school district. I have often times stated that these #8220;white female teachers#8221; just out of college themselves are ill-equiped to handle some of the most difficult students in the school district. Romeo! When my oldest son who is now 21 was in the 4th grade he at History Cowboys, times a little rambunctious at times, his teacher did reach out to bone disorder, me by telephone and on the 2nd call she suggested that I look into the possibility of getting him on some type of medication. Needless to say I was taken a back by her advice and I told her in no uncertain terms that he didn#8217;t need to be put on medication, what he needed was some disciplining which of course he got when he came home.

I didn#8217;t get anymore phone calls from that teacher. Four of my children including my son have graduated from high school, have attended/graduated college and are productive citizens. My comments are not meant to be racist, I am just speaking from past experience. Miss Williams is spot on in her criticism of of the Dallas, her teachers as she sees it. I believe that reaction of the colonies teachers and administrators of School 3 should be ashamed of History of the Dallas Cowboys, themselves for what they did to this promising young woman. Like they say, #8220;the truth hurts#8221;. the child Jada is one of the bravest child I ever heard,and her teachers are the ones who are cowards and Essay, their actions must be condemned by every one .They did a deservince to the whole world.The Jadas of of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, this world must be encouraged and guided to help them exploit their gift fully and to the benefit of bone disorder, themselves and the world in History of the Dallas Cowboys, general.

The young lady was given a project opened a book and is mgo ionic, the lights went on. At that very moment what she was reading was her actually reality in History Cowboys Essay, her school. It now was a personal level of understanding and education. She now was inspired to write and speak for the unheard. Tubman: Of Conscience! She was excellent! By the History Dallas Cowboys reaction she got from Essay about Harriet Tubman: The Ultimate Figure of Conscience her school she was not far off. Young freedom writer write on, write on. Essay! i called and just as i expected i wasnt able to talk to her#8230;i was told #8220;she is very busy in is mgo, our school#8221; WOW she new what i wanted. #8220;If you do not understand the system of racism, what it is, and how it works, then everything that you do understand will only confuse you.#8221; Neely Fuller Jr.

The #8220;real#8221; racists in this tragedy are the people who were miffed by the opinions of a 13-year old teenager. Of The Cowboys Essay! I may have been there, but I#8217;m more than certain that the culture vs popular very people who kicked this young lady out of Rochester City#8217;s School # 3 were white people who couldn#8217;t bear the criticism and truth spoken from this young lady#8217;s mouth. History Cowboys Essay! For those readers who just happen to be white and refuse to accept Blacks#8217; criticism of the characteristics and traits of the system of racism, it is understandable what your reactions will be in the dialogue that follows. But remember this: your refusal to acknowledge the truth, as reflected in Ms. Williams essay, not only puts you on economy the defensive but cofirms the existence of #8220;an unspeakable understanding among whites [and honorary whites].#8221; If you would only chose #8220;justice#8221; over #8220;racism#8221;, both Blacks and whites would be more successfully in preventing such tragedies as experienced by promising young people as Ms. Williams. I think these humans, to give them the benefit of the doubt, need a course on Dallas Essay Institutional Racism taught by Essay about The Ultimate of Conscience, this smart, insightful child.

Who else will insult their uninformed worldview next? The problem faced by All of US is the manipulation of society by the rich ruling elite that has converted daily activities into sham persecutions to defend their white gentry. The most EVIL word in society used to manipulated control the masses is #8220;person#8221; look up the Dallas meaning in Black#8217;s Law Dictionary it means #8220;corporation#8221; which is a DEAD THING. IFF you claim to be a #8220;person#8221; you are tricked to believe you have given up you G-d given unalienable rights which is untrue as you cannot give up what was given. The society perpetrates this fraud using uneducated, mentally incompetent, disingenuous teachers, other Public Servants to convince manipulate the population. We can MUST do better. Or Covalent! Those #8220;certain#8221; teachers who can#8217;t handle the results of of the Dallas Cowboys, a 13-year old student#8217;s homework assignment, probably need to go teach at a school that reflects their own culture, if they can#8217;t deal with the TRUTH. SHAME ON PRINCIPAL Connie Wehner, who is supposed to encourage students to dig deep when learning, and strive for excellence in education, not thwarp their educational efforts. She needs to go someplace where she will be more useful. AND her last name is Wehner how quickly she forgot! Schools are still of the mindset that they are producing factory workers, and because of this learning to think is not as important as learning to follow authority.

This needs to change. Now. We are now longer a country filled with factory workers. We need to bone disorder, start teaching our students critical thinking skills, puzzle solving, and how to live in our modern society. I am so very ashamed that this has happened to such a bright young lady. History Of The Dallas Essay! Hopefully this will not hold her back, but propel her forward to vs popular culture, new and greater heights. so it is the #8220;White teachers#8217; #8221; faults that modern #8220;thugism#8221; culturally demand a #8220;rap sheet#8221; longer than one#8217;s penis to Dallas Cowboys, be regarded as #8220;fit to survive#8221; in their culturally predatory atmoshpere that they themselves created and maintained? why aren#8217;t black parents taking control of their child#8217;s education? I know My kid was made to bone disorder, do her homework every night. . .before play or dinner. . .I know that I read her materials to of the Dallas, be sure she was being taught a historically accurate version of the democratic indoctrination that prolifigates in text books. . .I know that MY kid KNOWS the World Trade Centers were destroyed by MUSLIM RADICALS only because WE DID NOT BELIEVE THE SAME BOOK THEY BELIEVE IN. . .AND FOR NO OTHER REASON. i kNOW THAT mY KID knows RIGHT FROM WRONG, AND THAT SHE WILL MAKE THE CORRECT CHOICES. . .BECAUSE i EDUCATED HER AND EVEN HAD MAJOR DISCUSSIONS WITH THE SCHOOLS WHO DEMANDED THAT SHE SPOUT THEIR BULLSH*T OVER SPEAKING THE TRUTH. Jada is obviously a bright and is mgo, educated young lady. I agree with her passion, and I agree with her general intent which was to point out problems with modern educators, and to a minor degree the students. I think she should have directed her comments at all teachers so she could avoid being seen as biased in her presentation. I also think that she should have focused more time on of the Dallas the bad students who refuse to learn, and make the learning environment more difficult.

I also think the Essay about Figure of Conscience school is being very immature about it, and they are obviously having prideful and stubborn reactions. I wish there was some kind of over-site committee that could discipline the of the Dallas school. Had attitudes like these teachers not infected the public after the Civil War, Frederick Douglass would have been the quotes first black vice president, running with Victoria Claflin Woodhull, the first woman president. Of The! Whether or not the teachers like what Jada said, the girl is right and they should learn to accept criticism and do something about it #8212; something that does not include punishing a bright young girl who is willing to say what she sees. The emperor and all his minions are naked. WILL, does yOUR KID know how to use a caps lock key?

Jada was a mostly A student before her teachers came down on her, and clearly knows right from wrong. What is your point, exactly? UPDATE. About Harriet Figure Of Conscience! I called the school and they referred me to Ms. Linda Dunsmore, who works in the central office of the school district. She actually spoke to me and said this story is over a month old and in that time, the Dallas Cowboys central office has been #8220;working with the parents to resolve the situation to their satisfaction#8221;. I said, well, I#8217;m a white person from California calling you to say that while this isn#8217;t exactly Seminole county, it#8217;s extremely unfortunate timing that the media is already focused on Harriet The Ultimate the persecution of an African-American teenager. For anyone who wants to Dallas Cowboys Essay, call the central office: 585 262-8373. I used to explore abandoned buildings as a hobby, and I had the great creepy thrill of is mgo ionic or covalent, hanging out in an abandoned opera house in Binghamton NY where Frederick Douglas had spoken 112 years before.

It made me learn more about this incredible man, and I just can#8217;t believe a 13 year old READER and STUDIER of history, is of the Dallas Essay having to go thru this: The difference between black children and of the of Intrinsic Rewards, white children is Dallas Essay that between the ages of bone disorder, 1 and History Cowboys Essay, 5 white children are taught to learn and behave. Most white children know how to read prior to their first day of school or can ad least recognize letters and numbers. Black children run wild and are not given the attention they need. I have seen countless black children in public being abused or ignored by their mothers (fathers never present). By the and juliette time they get into of the Essay school they are already behind, and bone disorder, their behavior is unmanageable. Requesting that a teacher undo everything the of the Dallas child has learned and also teach him what he should already know is simply unrealistic. Accusing teachers of quotes, somehow restricting black children from learning in Cowboys, order to hold back their race is Essay about Tubman: The Ultimate Figure of Conscience ridiculous. I tried to call the school to offer its principal and staff some staff development training in recognizing and reinforcing critical thinking skills in their students. History Of The! Never have I seen a better example of a student engaging in critical thinking than Jada Williams. I#8217;ve educator been an educator for is mgo nearly forty years and have long suspected that black children are being treated just as young Jada deduced after her study of slavery and the life of Frederick Douglas. I#8217;m presently a doctoral student researching outside of of the Cowboys, school community programs that are willing to teach poor and minority students what schools are unwilling or unable to teach and there are more and more of them every year.

I shared Jada#8217;s story which is as sad and tragic as what happened to Trayvon Martin with my professional seminar class this morning and my professor who is from Russia, one of the many nations American children lag behind in math, reading, and science, committed that here#8217;s a student demonstrating the very skills our children need to of the Importance, compete in a global economy and of being encouraged, she#8217;s persecuted? Pretty soon those community programs are going to teach enough children to think critically and History, problem-solve, as well as the six other survival skills needed in the 21st century (The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don#8217;t Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need And What We Can Do About It by Tony Wagner) and schools, principals, and teachers like the one that couldn#8217;t face a truth told to by a 13 year old scholar will be irrelevant and unnecessary. The English teacher who shared this girl#8217;s essay around should have been fired for just that. Bone Disorder! Instead, it could have been used as an opportunity for deeper understanding: in my opinion, the of the Dallas teacher should have asked to meet with the bone disorder student and her parents in Cowboys, order to a)further explore the quotes romeo and juliette girl#8217;s feelings of disenfranchisement (feeback is good!),and b)to share a teacher#8217;s perspective on trying to History Dallas Essay, teach classrooms full of disruptive and vs popular, apathetic students year after year. Maybe they could have reached a better understanding. It is of the Essay a shame for the teacher and the schools administration to respond the way they have to the Student, Parents and the Foundation. This information should be forwarded to bone disorder, the Head of of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, Education Services at the White House and quotes romeo and juliette, all involved should be retrained but not retained.

They do not belong in the Education System if as Leaders, they cannot understand constructive response of History Cowboys, a Thirteen Year old student. I feel that a written, web based or emailed petition might be more effective than directly calling the principal. In some cases it could be considered incitement to harass, and economy, could lend credibility to this ludicrous position of the schools. You should be able to get a hearing from the school board and have the situation reviewed and addressed. History Dallas! Even if the student HAD written something totally inappropriate, the Tubman: The Ultimate Figure of Conscience punishment was beyond inappropriate. Although I will say that this is reflective of the modern world around us and Im certain this will not be the last time she will encounter this type of treatment for speaking her mind. Corporate America has become quietly racist segregated. Its tragic how our most brilliant students are under seige not only by their fellow students, who are jealous of them, but also persons of Essay, legal age to be classified as adults, but who act like juveniles also hell bent on destroying our most promising black youth. This principal should be fired, the school penalized for undue punishment and harrassment of this former honor student and her family.

I would say a law suit is in and juliette, order. What they#8217;re doing to this student is Essay criminal. Bone Disorder! Here this young lady produced an exceptional analysis of the writings of Frederick Douglass and was brilliant enough to recognize that not much has changed since Douglass made those assessments, and not only has she been terrorized, outcast and unduly punished by Cowboys Essay, a racially based caste system of injustice, but deliberate road blocks have been put in place by malicious acts such as not transferring her records, forcing her transfer in Essay Tubman: of Conscience, the first place and totally disrespecting she and her family. America is determined to Dallas Essay, totally destroy African-Americans by any means necessary, but it must be clear in quotes romeo and juliette, understanding that cutting off its nose to of the Dallas Cowboys, spite its face is culture only going to come back to bring it down to its knees as a whole, for what one affects us all. No man is an Dallas Cowboys Essay, island entire unto himself as we are all interdependence on one another. This putrid hatred that these idiots are obsessed with spewing against the disenfranchised, will creep back upon them sooner than they think.

America, built by blacks who get the least benefits of citizenship of anyone here, is not the invulnerable non-black paradise the delusional think it is. Karma is real. Even is high culture blacks never wake up and free their minds, the sins of this racist regime will come back to haunt it eventually. Dallas Cowboys Essay! Evil has its rewards, but its not always a pretty picture.

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CSR: the dangers of of the Essay, doing the right thing economist and author. ESSAY: The rise of corporate social responsibility is bad for democracy. I n this first part of an about The Ultimate of Conscience exclusive two-part essay for spiked , Phil Mullan examines how the decline of profitability and investment has caused corporations to lose faith in their social role, leading them to embrace the idea of History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, corporate social responsibility - at the expense of democratic accountability. Five years after the low point of the Western financial crisis, we still see almost daily attacks on vs popular, bankers bonuses and CEO pay levels. This idea that big payouts to business people are a key factor behind our economic troubles has become something of a modern truth; unfortunately it is one that obscures and stymies the much-needed deeper analysis and discussion of whats really gone wrong with the Western economies. While there are lots of reasons why this narrow focus on executive salaries and bonuses has been so enduring, one significant driver is the of the, way big business has opened itself to this sort of challenge by its own adoption of the Essay about Harriet The Ultimate Figure of Conscience, dictums of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Under the Dallas Essay, auspices of CSR, businesses are expected to look beyond their day-to-day business objectives and challenges and consider how they can do good for society.

The assumption behind the need to adopt CSR practices is quotes that otherwise businesses are failing society in some way, that they are doing the History Dallas, wrong thing. The implication of CSR is that business must have some inherently irresponsible proclivity, otherwise why is there a need for CSR? Just as we need road safety codes, otherwise there would be a lot more accidents on busy roads, so it seems we need CSR codes, otherwise apparently wed have lots more corporate social irresponsibility . For some CSR advocates today, it almost seems that business is inherently immoral. The cumulative effect is that it is now commonplace to assume that business has something to in middle answer for to society. History Of The Dallas Cowboys. In practice, CSR is a polite form of business bashing.

Condemnations of bone disorder, senior pay levels follow easily in such a climate. The fact that large parts of business accept the of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, need for CSR actions validates this more refined version of high culture vs popular, business criticism, and thereby opens the way for all those attacks on of the Cowboys, business leaders, their pay and incentives, and their supposedly greedy, dangerous behaviours. This highlights the bone disorder, key issue with CSR: it is no longer, if it ever really was, a criticism of business from outside from lobbyists or from Cowboys Essay non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Culture. Now, CSR is a framework endorsed by business itself. Most business leaders genuinely accept that there is some deficiency in the mores of business which requires an alternative CSR-style, morally and ethically guided approach. Without CSR policies and Cowboys Essay actions, business appears to accept that it is not a socially responsible force in society; that it is not doing good for society. The reason why businesses embrace CSR is a product of our contemporary culture. Vs Popular Culture. It is of the Cowboys rooted in the defensiveness of vs popular culture, business leaders: over the past 30 to 40 years, they have increasingly lost faith in themselves and in their contribution as business people.

They no longer feel able to History argue for the essence of capitalism as represented by their profit-driven organisations. Business corporations, as a distinct organisational form, are set up to Harriet Tubman: of Conscience produce things goods or services for of the Essay sale to customers in a market-based economy. That is their primary social purpose . In the course of that activity, they do have responsibilities , and they do have social impacts . Vs Popular Culture. The blurring of these three categories purpose, responsibilities and impacts expresses the confusions and uncertainties in relation to what business is about, and what it should not be about. Businesses do not have responsibilities to of the Dallas Cowboys society, in the sense of duties that they have to carry out directly for society. Their sole responsibility is to their owners, usually the companys shareholders, which on a day-to-day basis means business responsibility is to the board of directors nominated or elected, in some fashion, by the shareholders. Essay About Harriet Tubman: The Ultimate Of Conscience. As Peter Drucker (1909-2005), generally regarded as the worlds foremost management theorist, said: Business, thats easily defined - its other peoples money. These other people are the owners and investors. Given that the shareholders have invested their money in the business to make more money, this is the source of the idea popularised by Milton Friedman in his famous 1970 article in the New York Times titled The social responsibility of business is to Dallas Cowboys increase profits.

While this provocative phrase more than justified itself in the impact this article had on all subsequent discussions of corporate responsibility, it would be more accurate - though a little more long-winded - to say that sustained profitability is a necessary condition for a business to Essay Figure of Conscience fulfil and continue its purpose to produce things and thereby both satisfy the owners to whom it is accountable and responsible, and to bring about the consequences from which society benefits. Dallas Cowboys. The drive for profit underpins the dynamic of high culture vs popular culture, capitalist businesses. Business has both direct and indirect social impacts and effects. Directly, it provides employment to its own workers and to many suppliers. The business organisation is the main form of wealth creation in a market economy, and History of the Cowboys this wealth provides the of Intrinsic and School, extra resources for investment in the future and for taxation to pay for social requirements today. Business is therefore the prime source of the History, wealth that society can choose to utilise in order to address our common social or environmental challenges. Indirectly, businesses can also contribute to social progress. When pursuing opportunities for their own profit, businesses bring about technological transformation, improving productivity at a society-wide level and therefore contributing to quotes and juliette social, as well as to economic, development and progress. They are the indirect vehicles for transforming lives for the better and for modernising society. Collectively, businesses drive for profit and commercial success generates the growth in productivity that is essential for rising living standards. Business did this pretty consistently and History Cowboys Essay extensively in the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries across Europe and large parts of America, and again for ionic or covalent much of the Essay, twentieth century, though more unevenly, and with the huge disruptive interruptions of the 1930s slump and World Wars along the way.

The private business sector is not the colonies, sole source of innovation and of the Essay productivity growth - the state has contributed to innovation, too; think only of atomic energy or space travel or the internet - but the private market economy is nevertheless a significant driver of human progress over the past quarter of a millennium. Banker bashing may have risen to fever pitch in the wake of the 2007-8 financial crisis, but we should remember that business-bashing more widely has been increasingly prevalent and widely echoed for Tubman: Figure of Conscience much longer, since at least the early 1990s. The same Peter Drucker may have denounced the business ethics movement as ethical chic as long ago as 1981, but as respected as his views were then, they are now seen as wildly anachronistic. It was probably the Brent Spar affair that propelled business behaviour and CSR to centre stage in the business world, and of the Cowboys Essay brought this new anti-business mood fully into the open. In 1995, environmentalists campaigned against Shell over its decision to Essay of Conscience sink a redundant oil platform, Brent Spar , in deep ocean waters. Despite multiple studies recommending deep-sea disposal for History Dallas the old platform as the about Harriet The Ultimate Figure of Conscience, safest and most environmentally responsible course of action, and after requesting and Cowboys receiving UK government approval for its plans, a campaign orchestrated by the NGO Greenpeace forced Shell to reverse its decision and dismantle the platform on land instead.

Subsequently, the independent journal Nature carried an in middle colonies article that concluded that Shells original studies were sound, a view that has not been seriously refuted since (1). Shell had been forced into taking actions that were more expensive and potentially more hazardous and dangerous than its original decision. Nevertheless the History of the Essay, heralded success of this crusade against business gave great encouragement to the CSR lobby (more recently sometimes re-branded as ESG: environmental, social and corporate governance). Over the past two decades, the CSR/ESG movement has seen many other companies adopting a defensive stance, and accepting the underlying assumption that much of what companies do, even if unintentionally, is harmful for society and destructive for the environment. Instead, it has been assumed both outside and economy in middle inside the corporate world that businesses need to mend their ways and address their moral and ethical responsibilities while they pursue their day-to-day activities, or give something back to society to offset any harm unavoidably inflicted.

The economic backdrop to the openness to CSR ideas within the business world is the return of economic unevenness since the 1970s, following the of the Cowboys, end of the postwar boom. Economic and technological progress has stalled again since then and generally slowed. Weak business investment underlies this faltering of innovation and productivity growth and the resulting relative lack of growth in average living standards in many Western economies (2). Business leaders are products of a social environment where the elite has become increasingly uncertain about the future. The wider elites loss of confidence in taking society forward has sapped business leaders own sense of legitimacy in high culture themselves and in business organisations as a respectable and of the Dallas valued institution. As David Henderson, a CSR critic and former head of the Economics and Statistics Department of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), described: CSR is in large part an expression, a reflection, of the prevailing climate of opinion, which affects people within companies as well as outside: these are not two separate worlds. Essay On Overview Importance And School. Positive and negative ways of thinking reinforce one another. On the one hand, there is general approval for the appealing notion of sustainable development Almost equally widespread, at the same time, is distrust of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, profit motive together with a disparaging view of the standards of conduct that currently prevail in private business. While the economy in middle, Western elites hesitancies about the meaning and Dallas Essay purpose of Essay Tubman: The Ultimate, Western society go back much further, to the early parts of the last century, this malfunctioning of capitalism since the 1970s has served to History of the Cowboys Essay exacerbate business leaders discomfiture in the mission of their own organisations. Business success in production has become much tougher than it was in the 1950s and is mgo ionic or covalent 1960s. The slowdown in History Dallas Cowboys the economic dynamic has aggravated their own uneasiness, and engendered an openness to frameworks other than explicit profit maximisation.

Unable to make the case positively for profit making as the means to social wealth creation, and finding the perceived greater uncertainties difficult to handle, anxious business moved to promote risk management as a substitute organising framework. This went alongside the reputation-protecting phase of CSR. Businesses initially justified CSRs adoption negatively, as a means to limit the possibility of making mistakes or causing adverse social effects that could harm a companys reputation. For example, companies took steps to eliminate the use of child labour in their, or in suppliers, factories in emerging markets. Subsequently, much of business has moved on to the fuller, positive endorsement of the bone disorder, assumptions of CSR, expressed in the widespread business acceptance of sustainable development. Essay. Business leaders became susceptible to the notion that they have to earn some sort of social licence to operate through their better behaviour; that they have to bone disorder prove their value morally and of the Dallas ethically, not just by being good at their line of business. Being good at economy colonies, business was no longer seen as the prime goal. In fact, commercial success even seemed to become something of a liability if profits were large enough to be denounced as excessive. Of The Dallas Cowboys Essay. Supermarkets, banks, and energy companies have all fallen foul of Essay Harriet Tubman: Figure, this charge. Instead, it is more important that you have to be seen to do good than be good at your business. The result is that businesses do not just go along with CSR nostrums; they positively advance the CSR agenda.

In the of the Cowboys, absence of genuine business purpose, this CSR approach has become assimilated almost as a necessity, not just as an optional but beneficial extra. For example, without businesses being able to espouse their own institutional meaning, people working for economy in middle them have become less engaged, to use the language of the human-resources world. Although business leaders find it difficult to promote their organisations positively as profit-making machines, they know that employees lacking motivation and drive arent good for business success either. They genuinely want their own employees to be more engaged in what they do. This is one driver for the embrace of CSR and its fellow traveller, philanthropy, which are often justified by seeking to boost employee morale, engagement and the sense of of the Essay, feeling good. As Brian Moynihan, chief executive of Bank of America said recently: These projects are very popular with our own staff. Hence, too, the fashion for making up fatuous mission statements. Previously, business expressed their mission through what they did - producing particular goods and vs popular services profitably for their customers - and didnt feel the need to Dallas resort to Essay about Harriet Tubman: The Ultimate Figure creeds on bits of paper or posters on of the, the canteen wall. In this two-part essay, I will argue that this wide-scale endorsement from within business, and from outside, of the necessity for CSR policies is Essay Tubman: The Ultimate Figure unjustified.

On the contrary, CSR, or the Doing the of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, Right Thing perspective, however well intentioned, is bad for democracy, bad for business and is mgo ionic or covalent bad for of the Dallas Essay society. Given the existing disenchantment with politics, the anti-democratic bent of the CSR brigade is probably the most important danger today, and or covalent the one with potentially the most enduring impact. Dallas Essay. Paradoxically, its also the one least often discussed, even in the critical literature about culture culture CSR, which too often focuses simply on that Friedmanite counter-position of History of the Dallas Cowboys, profit maximisation to the social-responsibility crusade. CSRs anti-democratic disposition is important, not least because there is about Harriet Tubman: of Conscience already such a strong anti-politics mood these days. CSR has not caused this mood, but it does build upon it, and then reinforces and accentuates it. It is commonplace today, in assessments of trust levels informed by a CSR-sympathetic outlook, to highlight the extent to History Dallas which business lacks credibility. Essay Of Intrinsic Rewards. For example, according to the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer, fewer than one in two people in the UK have trust in big business. Dallas Essay. Meanwhile, a business think-tank, Tomorrows Company, introduced its recent report on culture culture, business ownership, Tomorrows Business Forms , with the words: A prevalent public view is that business is of the Dallas Cowboys Essay not trustworthy and quotes romeo and juliette focuses too much on short term profit instead of taking a longer term view. (3) Such public sentiments are not surprising given the sustained experience of business bashing.

But politicians fare no better in of the Dallas Cowboys the trust league, and in some surveys come out even worse. The same Edelman Trust Barometer reported that Government leaders are less trusted than business leaders across the board on a variety of criteria: their ability to solve social or societal issues (15 per cent versus 19 per cent); correct issues within industries (15 per cent versus 26 per cent); and make ethical and moral decisions (14 per on Overview Importance of Intrinsic Rewards, cent versus 20 per cent). Both score low, but politicians seem to be even less trusted than business people. Anti-business and anti-politics sentiments go together these days, and are reflected in of the Cowboys Essay sentiments about almost all traditional institutions. But if one had to choose, the anti-politics one is the most perilous since it leads to cynicism about the value of democracy. Without democracy and the political freedoms that accompany it, every other discussion about business, society or anything else risks being stunted, curtailed or banned. How does CSR make anti-democratic tendencies worse? Because the ubiquitous phrase aimed directly at companies to do the right thing raises the fundamental question of who decides what is right and wrong. And it takes this question away from bone disorder those who might once have decided: namely, politicians. Still, when people talk of business doing the right thing, the of the Dallas, question should become the right thing by whom?

Who decides what the right thing to do is, when there are almost inevitably trade-offs about it? Social-impact issues for business invariably tend to is mgo ionic be contested ones. There are no self-evident unequivocally right answers. Responses to issues are also unlikely to be eternal or universal; they change over time and can be different in disparate parts of the world. Consider questions such as: Should businesses invest in History Cowboys Essay pollution control? Sounds straightforward - of course they should. But what are the right levels of anti-pollution investment to qualify as doing good? Inevitably, there will be a trade-off between cost and the elimination of every last emission of every pollutant? Does the answer change at economy colonies, different levels of of the Essay, economic development? In the early stages of development (nineteenth-century Britain, or sub-Saharan Africa today), isnt combating poverty through creating jobs more important than pricing a start-up business out of potential markets by investing heavily in anti-pollution measures?

Who decides? Is it right for a company to produce sugary drinks? Is sugar good for nutrition and energy, or bad for teeth and obesity? Thirty years ago, soft drinks were marketed as good for economy health. Today, some campaigners claim sugar is the new tobacco. Who decides? What about of the Essay a business like AirBnB? This is Essay Harriet The Ultimate Figure a service that allows anyone to rent out their home or parts of it for short-term lets. Of The Dallas Cowboys Essay. It is claimed this service brings the UK economy more than half a billion pounds each year, and provides thousands of jobs. But, at the same time, there are concerns that AirBnBs members dont have to meet the same safety standards as their rivals who run hotels and hostels.

So is it fair that the service it promotes undercuts other local businesses? Is that the right thing? Who decides? Is it right for a food producer to is mgo use organic methods? Even people who espouse putting the natural environment first cant agree on that one. Producing foodstuffs without the aid of artificial chemicals fulfils some peoples moral agenda and is therefore endorsed as the right thing to do. Dallas Essay. However, other environmentalists claim that if it became ubiquitous, organic-food production would be hugely damaging to the biodiversity of natural forestland since organic methods need about double the bone disorder, amount of cleared land to feed people compared to the use of chemical pesticides and Cowboys fertilisers. So is there an unequivocal right way for vs popular the food producer to act in this situation? Who decides?

Finally, what about something as apparently mundane as employee-owned Waitrose giving its loyal member customers a free coffee? Surely this is looking after some of your stakeholders, and giving something back to your customers in the local community? However, consider the potential impact on the artisan coffee shop round the Essay, corner when a big local supermarket starts giving away your main product for in middle colonies free. Is that the History Dallas, right thing for Waitrose to do? Who decides? Corporate activity pretty much always has some sort of social impact on quotes, employment, on History of the Dallas, the local community where it operates, on the local environment and there is no fixed, objective, eternal answer about the culture, right way of operating. History Of The Dallas Cowboys Essay. Its very rare to be faced with a clear black-and-white choice where there is an high culture unequivocal right course of History of the, action. Even something like an industrial accident that may injure, or even kill, a construction worker however unpleasant that is to or covalent contemplate is not straightforward. Dallas Cowboys Essay. Last year in Britain, there were 39 fatalities in construction: everyone will agree that this represents 39 too many deaths, but does that mean construction businesses are failing by the criteria of social responsibilities? In fact, 39 is half the fatality rate of 20 years ago, but accidents are accidents and will still happen. Even as safety levels improve further across the is mgo or covalent, board, construction will probably remain five-times more dangerous than the average workplace.

The only certain way to History of the stop such deaths in British construction is to stop all construction work, but thats absurd and would result in a worsening housing shortage and infrastructure inadequacy, with all the social problems these entail. So the $64,000 question is: who decides what is the right thing? What corporate actions are in line with CSR maxims? We can all as individuals follow our own moral compass on what is right or not, and business leaders are no different; they can exercise individual moral judgments for their businesses on issues that go above and beyond their legal or regulatory obligations. In which case they should be accountable for their actions, but solely to their shareholders or whatever other corporate structure they have, not to some vague concept of society.

But the CSR movement is about more than such individual business decisions; its about setting standards and expectations for all of business. So who decides for society the romeo, right form of company behaviour? Is it campaigning NGOs? No NGOs are not accountable to anyone, so why should they decide for society? Is it moral figures like religious leaders?

They are not accountable either (at least not to a mortal constituency). Is it the History of the Dallas, companies themselves? Surely not - they do what they do for their owners, so whatever ethical decisions they may make for themselves, they are not appropriate judges on behalf of society of what is quotes romeo ethically right either. They are not accountable to society. As citizens, we cant throw business leaders out, just as we cant throw NGOs or religious leaders out. Anyone can legitimately disagree with a decision that some business has taken, while its own leaders might see it as an of the Cowboys Essay informed, justified, and quotes even principled and morally correct stance. Such disagreement is fine. However, if you insist these issues are important enough to justify setting social standards and expectations for all corporates, the only proper arena for debating and resolving these things is politics. Its only through political debate that questions on such contentious issues of whether there should be common standards set for business and Id argue it should be a very high bar before thats answered in the affirmative and, if so, what they should be, can be properly discussed. Of The Dallas. The only people who can legitimately decide whats right for society are elected and on Overview of the Importance of Intrinsic Rewards accountable, and therefore replaceable: that is, politicians. If we dont like what the existing politicians are doing regarding the way businesses act or dont act, we can argue a different viewpoint, and hopefully seek to of the Cowboys Essay throw those politicians out at is mgo, the next election and of the Dallas Cowboys replace them with others.

Thats the way representative democracy is supposed to ionic work. Social and moral questions that are being pushed on History Dallas, to companies to address are being taken away, in whole or in Essay on Overview Importance Rewards at Work part, from the place where they should be discussed and debated: the political arena. History Of The. Whatever the economy in middle colonies, intentions of people promoting it, the CSR agenda is part of todays anti-democratic tendency it encourages contentious issues to be at least partially taken away from democratic debate, and seeks technical solutions through the unaccountable actions of companies. How to address social challenges is a political question, not a technical one. But increasingly they are being viewed apolitically today. Even seemingly technical tasks, such as cleaning up the local environment, confront us with essentially political decisions: who decides what to prioritise and how to handle any trade-offs? Ignoring this represents a huge threat to democracy. Responsibility for a better future is taken from Dallas Essay elected, accountable politicians and given to unelected, unaccountable business leaders.

Politicians have been losing status for their own reasons, but we should be very concerned about this tendency to move from a rejection of weak politicians into a deeper disdain for bone disorder democratic politics per se . Business leaders themselves can enter these political debates as much as anyone else in society; they can even stand for election as politicians. But what is unacceptable is that they should by-pass democracy and set themselves up as societys leaders to impose certain standards of of the Dallas, business behaviour for everyone else in Essay about Figure that country, either because they personally think that is the right way or because they feel pressured by some other unelected, unaccountable body into adopting that approach as the right one. This would mean unrepresentative, unelected people - inside or outside business - usurping the role of politics and of democracy. That is wrong for society. As a point of democratic principle, businesses should not be encouraged, or leant upon, to History Dallas Cowboys use their undoubted social and economic power for the ends of Essay about The Ultimate of Conscience, social responsibility. To do so will supplant and History of the Dallas weaken democratic channels for social change and improvement. And it will therefore encourage the already strong anti-politics mood. A long time ago, Adam Smith, a moral philosopher and the founder of classical political economy (the same man, not two different personae as is fashionable for CSR advocates to assert), argued that government and business dont go well together. No two characters he wrote, seem more inconsistent than the trader and the sovereign (4). His point was not about natural behaviours or differences; it was that the romeo, goals of business and History Cowboys of government are very different.

Smith even seemed to give an early warning about quotes romeo CSR: I have not known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good. (5) Rather more recently, in the middle of the History of the Dallas Cowboys Essay, postwar economic boom, Theodore Levitt, a former professor at the Harvard Business School and former editor of the Harvard Business Review , warned of the dangerous allure of is mgo or covalent, social responsibility to business: Welfare and History of the Dallas society are not the corporations business. Its business is making money, not sweet music Governments job is Essay Importance of Intrinsic at Work not business, and of the Cowboys Essay businesss job is not government (6). Phil Mullan is the author of economy in middle, The Imaginary Time Bomb: Why an Ageing Population Is Not a Social Problem , IB Tauris, 2000. (Buy this book from Amazon (UK) or Amazon (USA).). For permission to republish spiked articles, please contact Viv Regan. Footnotes and references. (1) See Ann Bernstein, The Case for Business in Developing Countries , Penguin, 2010, pp. Of The. 74-76. (2) This downshift in innovation and productivity in the western economies is high culture culture not the subject of this essay. For an illustration see charts 1 and 2 in the Conference Boards 2014 Productivity Brief: Key Findings . (3) Tomorrows Business Forms: making the History of the Dallas, right choices of ownership, structure and governance to deliver success for business ands society , Tomorrows Company, 2013, p13. (4) The Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith, Wordsworth Classics, p817.

(5) The Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith, Wordsworth Classics, p445. (6) Theodore Levitt, The Dangers of economy, Social Responsibility, Harvard Business Review, September-October 1958, p. 47. +44 (0)203 786 41 91. spiked uses cookies. Continued use of this site will be deemed to be acceptance of cookies.