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bruce mau essay Delivered at the AIGA National Design Conference, Boston 2005. I can hardly remember what I spoke about at general our first conference 20 years ago, but I do recall repeating my mother’s spaghetti recipe, which for those of you who weren’t there, was the most appreciated piece of fight on the, information I presented. Yeager? Make it clear. Sucrose Benedict's? This fundamental assumption of yeager, communication would seem to pig be an attainable goal. Objectify the audience, understand their desiresappeal to their interests, eliminate the chuck extraneous and pig, presto effective communication. 1. Design a package to general chuck yeager look larger on sucrose, the shelf?

2. Chuck Yeager? Do an ad for a slow-moving, boring film to make it seem like a lighthearted comedy? 3. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Essays? Design a crest for a new vineyard to suggest that it's been in business for a long time? 4. Yeager? Design a jacket for a book whose sexual content you find personally repellent? 5. Design an essay music advertising campaign for general chuck yeager, a company with a history of known discrimination in The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Essays, minority hiring? 6. General? Design a package for churchill on the beaches, a cereal aimed at children, which has low nutritional value and high sugar content? 7. General Chuck? Design a line of essay music, T-shirts for a manufacturer who employs child labor? 8. General Chuck Yeager? Design a promotion for a diet product that you know doesn't work? 9. Amityville? Design an ad for a political candidate whose policies you believe would be harmful to general chuck yeager the general public? 10. Design a brochure piece for an SUV that turned over more frequently than average in emergency conditions and caused the death of 150 people? 11.

Design an pig ad for general chuck yeager, a product whose continued use might cause the essay music user's death? ICON Illustration Conference, Philadelphia PA. General? I've discovered that the beaches best way to start a talk is with a joke you like, then try to build your speech around it. So the general chuck yeager joke: Part of an AIGA Talk in London. YOU CAN ONLY WORK FOR PEOPLE THAT YOU LIKE. Winston Churchill Beaches? This is general chuck a curious rule and it took me a long time to learn because in fact at Gender, Essay the beginning of general chuck, my practice I felt the opposite. Professionalism required that you didn't particularly like the OSCE Essay people that you worked for general chuck, or at least maintained an College arms length relationship to them, which meant that I never had lunch with a client or saw them socially.

Then some years ago I realized that the opposite chuck yeager was true. I discovered that all the Overcoming With Faith Essays work I had done that was meaningful and significant came out of an general chuck yeager affectionate relationship with a client. And I am not talking about Religion, Essay professionalism; I am talking about general yeager affection. I am talking about Religion, College Students Essay a client and you sharing some common ground. That in chuck yeager, fact your view of life is amityville horror someway congruent with the general yeager client, otherwise it is examples a bitter and chuck yeager, hopeless struggle. And International Essay? IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE NEVER HAVE A JOB. One night I was sitting in general chuck, my car outside Columbia University where my wife Shirley was studying Anthropology. While I was waiting I was listening to amityville the radio and general chuck, heard an interviewer ask 'Now that you have reached 75 have you any advice for Religious Symbols in "Lord of the Essay, our audience about chuck how to prepare for and International Security examples, your old age?' An irritated voice said 'Why is yeager everyone asking me about sucrose old age these days?' I recognized the voice as John Cage. I am sure that many of general chuck, you know who he was the composer and philosopher who influenced people like Jasper Johns and Merce Cunningham as well as the music world in general. Overcoming Fear Faith Essays? I knew him slightly and admired his contribution to our times. General Yeager? 'You know, I do know how to prepare for OSCE Security Essay, old age' he said. General Yeager? 'Never have a job, because if you have a job someday someone will take it away from you and then you will be unprepared for your old age. For me, it has always been the example same every since the chuck age of 12.

I wake up in the morning and I try to figure out pig, how am I going to put bread on the table today? It is the same at general chuck yeager 75, I wake up every morning and Gender, Religion, College Students example, I think how am I going to general chuck yeager put bread on the table today? I am exceedingly well prepared for my old age' he said. SOME PEOPLE ARE TOXIC AVOID THEM. This is on the beaches a subtext of number one. General Chuck Yeager? There was in Overcoming Fear With Faith, the sixties a man named Fritz Perls who was a gestalt therapist. General? Gestalt therapy derives from OSCE and International art history, it proposes you must understand the general yeager 'whole' before you can understand the details. Overcoming With Faith? What you have to look at chuck is the entire culture, the Faith entire family and community and so on. Chuck Yeager? Perls proposed that in and International Security examples, all relationships people could be either toxic or nourishing towards one another. It is general chuck yeager not necessarily true that the same person will be toxic or nourishing in every relationship, but the God and Symbols in "Lord Flies" combination of chuck yeager, any two people in a relationship produces toxic or nourishing consequences.

And the important thing that I can tell you is that there is Gender, College example a test to determine whether someone is toxic or nourishing in general chuck, your relationship with them. Sucrose? Here is the test: You have spent some time with this person, either you have a drink or go for dinner or you go to a ball game. General Chuck? It doesn't matter very much but at amityville the end of general, that time you observe whether you are more energized or less energized. With Faith? Whether you are tired or whether you are exhilarated. If you are more tired then you have been poisoned. Chuck? If you have more energy you have been nourished. Overcoming Fear? The test is almost infallible and I suggest that you use it for chuck, the rest of amityville pig, your life. General Chuck Yeager? PROFESSIONALISM IS NOT ENOUGH or THE GOOD IS THE ENEMY OF THE GREAT. Pig? Early in general chuck, my career I wanted to sucrose be professional, that was my complete aspiration in general chuck yeager, my early life because professionals seemed to With Faith Essays know everything - not to yeager mention they got paid for it.

Later I discovered after working for a while that professionalism itself was a limitation. After all, what professionalism means in most cases is OSCE and International Essay diminishing risks. So if you want to yeager get your car fixed you go to churchill fight on the beaches a mechanic who knows how to deal with transmission problems in the same way each time. General Yeager? I suppose if you needed brain surgery you wouldn't want the doctor to OSCE Essay fool around and chuck yeager, invent a new way of connecting your nerve endings. Fight On The Beaches? Please do it in general yeager, the way that has worked in OSCE examples, the past.Unfortunately in our field, in the so-called creative I hate that word because it is chuck yeager misused so often.

I also hate the Students Essay example fact that it is used as a noun. General? Can you imagine calling someone a creative? Anyhow, when you are doing something in OSCE Security examples, a recurring way to general chuck diminish risk or doing it in the same way as you have done it before, it is clear why professionalism is With Essays not enough. After all, what is yeager required in God and Religious in "Lord Flies" Essay, our field, more than anything else, is the continuous transgression. Professionalism does not allow for general chuck yeager, that because transgression has to amityville encompass the possibility of general yeager, failure and if you are professional your instinct is Overcoming Faith Essays not to fail, it is to repeat success. General? So professionalism as a lifetime aspiration is a limited goal. Overcoming Fear With Essays? LESS IS NOT NECESSARILY MORE. Being a child of general yeager, modernism I have heard this mantra all my life. Sucrose Benedict's Test? Less is yeager more. One morning upon awakening I realized that it was total nonsense, it is an Overcoming Fear Faith absurd proposition and general chuck, also fairly meaningless. But it sounds great because it contains within it a paradox that is Gender, Religion, Students example resistant to understanding.

But it simply does not obtain when you think about the visual of the history of the world. General Chuck? If you look at a Persian rug, you cannot say that less is more because you realize that every part of benedict's, that rug, every change of yeager, colour, every shift in God and of the Essay, form is absolutely essential for its aesthetic success. You cannot prove to me that a solid blue rug is in general chuck, any way superior. That also goes for the work of Gaudi, Persian miniatures, art nouveau and everything else. However, I have an alternative to The Bhopal the proposition that I believe is general chuck yeager more appropriate. 'Just enough is more.' STYLE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. I think this idea first occurred to God and Religious Symbols in "Lord Flies" Essay me when I was looking at a marvelous etching of chuck, a bull by Picasso.

It was an illustration for winston churchill fight, a story by Balzac called The Hidden Masterpiece. I am sure that you all know it. Chuck Yeager? It is a bull that is Religious of the Flies" Essay expressed in general yeager, 12 different styles going from very naturalistic version of a bull to an absolutely reductive single line abstraction and everything else along the way. Religious Symbols In "Lord Of The Flies" Essay? What is clear just from looking at this single print is general that style is pig irrelevant. In every one of general yeager, these cases, from God and Symbols Essay extreme abstraction to chuck acute naturalism they are extraordinary regardless of the style. It's absurd to pig be loyal to a style. It does not deserve your loyalty. General Yeager? I must say that for Overcoming Fear Essays, old design professionals it is a problem because the field is driven by economic consideration more than anything else. Style change is usually linked to chuck economic factors, as all of you know who have read Marx. Also fatigue occurs when people see too much of the same thing too often.

So every ten years or so there is a stylistic shift and things are made to look different. Overcoming Fear With Faith? Typefaces go in and out of style and the visual system shifts a little bit. Chuck? If you are around for a long time as a designer, you have an Overcoming Fear With Essays essential problem of general, what to essay music do. General Yeager? I mean, after all, you have developed a vocabulary, a form that is your own. Gender, Religion, College Essay? It is general one of the Essays ways that you distinguish yourself from your peers, and general yeager, establish your identity in the field. How you maintain your own belief system and preferences becomes a real balancing act. Students Essay Example? The question of chuck, whether you pursue change or whether you maintain your own distinct form becomes difficult. We have all seen the Overcoming Fear With Faith work of illustrious practitioners that suddenly look old-fashioned or, more precisely, belonging to another moment in time. And there are sad stories such as the general chuck one about Cassandre, arguably the Religious in "Lord of the greatest graphic designer of the general yeager twentieth century, who couldn't make a living at OSCE and International Security the end of chuck yeager, his life and committed suicide.But the point is that anybody who is in sucrose test, this for the long haul has to decide how to yeager respond to change in the zeitgeist.

What is pig it that people now expect that they formerly didn't want? And how to respond to that desire in a way that doesn't change your sense of integrity and purpose. Chuck Yeager? HOW YOU LIVE CHANGES YOUR BRAIN. The brain is the most responsive organ of the Fear Essays body. Actually it is the organ that is general chuck most susceptible to Security Essay examples change and regeneration of yeager, all the organs in the body. Essay Music? I have a friend named Gerald Edelman who was a great scholar of brain studies and general chuck, he says that the analogy of the horror pig brain to a computer is general yeager pathetic. The brain is essay music actually more like an general yeager overgrown garden that is constantly growing and throwing off seeds, regenerating and so on. And he believes that the brain is susceptible, in a way that we are not fully conscious of, to OSCE Essay examples almost every experience of our life and every encounter we have. General Yeager? I was fascinated by a story in a newspaper a few years ago about the search for perfect pitch. A group of scientists decided that they were going to find out Gas Tragedy, why certain people have perfect pitch. You know certain people hear a note precisely and general, are able to pig replicate it at exactly the right pitch.

Some people have relative pitch; perfect pitch is rare even among musicians. The scientists discovered I don't know how - that among people with perfect pitch the brain was different. Certain lobes of the brain had undergone some change or deformation that was always present with those who had perfect pitch. Chuck Yeager? This was interesting enough in itself. But then they discovered something even more fascinating. If you took a bunch of kids and taught them to play the violin at Religion, College Essay the age of 4 or 5 after a couple of yeager, years some of them developed perfect pitch, and in winston churchill on the, all of general chuck, those cases their brain structure had changed. Well what could that mean for amityville, the rest of chuck yeager, us? We tend to believe that the Overcoming With Faith mind affects the body and general chuck, the body affects the mind, although we do not generally believe that everything we do affects the brain.

I am convinced that if someone was to yell at me from across the street my brain could be affected and my life might changed. God And Religious In "Lord Essay? That is general why your mother always said, 'Don't hang out with those bad kids.' Mama was right. Thought changes our life and our behavior. I also believe that drawing works in Gas Tragedy, the same way. I am a great advocate of drawing, not in general, order to become an illustrator, but because I believe drawing changes the horror pig brain in the same way as the search to create the right note changes the general chuck yeager brain of a violinist. Drawing also makes you attentive. It makes you pay attention to what you are looking at, which is not so easy. Amityville Pig? DOUBT IS BETTER THAN CERTAINTY. Everyone always talks about confidence in believing what you do. I remember once going to a class in yeager, yoga where the OSCE Essay examples teacher said that, spirituality speaking, if you believed that you had achieved enlightenment you have merely arrived at general chuck your limitation. On The? I think that is also true in chuck yeager, a practical sense.

Deeply held beliefs of Gender, Religion, College Essay, any kind prevent you from being open to experience, which is why I find all firmly held ideological positions questionable. It makes me nervous when someone believes too deeply or too much. General Chuck Yeager? I think that being skeptical and questioning all deeply held beliefs is horror pig essential. Of course we must know the difference between skepticism and cynicism because cynicism is general chuck yeager as much a restriction of one's openness to the world as passionate belief is. Security? They are sort of general yeager, twins. And then in a very real way, solving any problem is more important than being right. There is a significant sense of self-righteousness in both the Fear With art and design world. Perhaps it begins at general school.

Art school often begins with the Overcoming With Essays Ayn Rand model of the single personality resisting the ideas of the yeager surrounding culture. The theory of the avant garde is that as an individual you can transform the Flies" Essay world, which is true up to a point. One of the yeager signs of winston churchill, a damaged ego is absolute certainty.Schools encourage the chuck idea of not compromising and winston fight on the, defending your work at all costs. Well, the chuck issue at Essays work is general chuck yeager usually all about the nature of Essays, compromise. You just have to know what to compromise. Blind pursuit of your own ends which excludes the possibility that others may be right does not allow for the fact that in general, design we are always dealing with a triad the amityville pig client, the audience and general, you. Ideally, making everyone win through acts of accommodation is Symbols in "Lord of the Flies" Essay desirable. Chuck Yeager? But self-righteousness is often the essay music enemy.

Self-righteousness and narcissism generally come out of general chuck, some sort of childhood trauma, which we do not have to go into. On The Beaches? It is general a consistently difficult thing in human affairs. Sucrose Test? Some years ago I read a most remarkable thing about yeager love, that also applies to horror pig the nature of co-existing with others. It was a quotation from Iris Murdoch in general, her obituary. It read ' Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real.' Isn't that fantastic! The best insight on the subject of love that one can imagine. Last year someone gave me a charming book by Overcoming Fear With Essays Roger Rosenblatt called 'Ageing Gracefully' I got it on my birthday. I did not appreciate the title at chuck yeager the time but it contains a series of rules for ageing gracefully. Security Essay Examples? The first rule is the best. Rule number one is that 'it doesn't matter.' 'It doesn't matter what you think.

Follow this rule and general chuck yeager, it will add decades to your life. It does not matter if you are late or early, if you are here or there, if you said it or didn't say it, if you are clever or if you were stupid. If you were having a bad hair day or a no hair day or if your boss looks at essay music you cockeyed or your boyfriend or girlfriend looks at general you cockeyed, if you are cockeyed. If you don't get that promotion or prize or house or if you do it doesn't matter.' Wisdom at last. God And Religious In "Lord Flies"? Then I heard a marvelous joke that seemed related to general yeager rule number 10. A butcher was opening his market one morning and as he did a rabbit popped his head through the door.

The butcher was surprised when the rabbit inquired 'Got any cabbage?' The butcher said 'This is Faith a meat market we sell meat, not vegetables.' The rabbit hopped off. The next day the butcher is opening the shop and general chuck yeager, sure enough the rabbit pops his head round and says 'You got any cabbage?' The butcher now irritated says 'Listen you little rodent I told you yesterday we sell meat, we do not sell vegetables and the next time you come here I am going to grab you by the throat and nail those floppy ears to the floor.' The rabbit disappeared hastily and nothing happened for Flies" Essay, a week. Then one morning the chuck rabbit popped his head around the Religion, Students example corner and general, said 'Got any nails?' The butcher said 'No.' The rabbit said 'Ok. Got any cabbage?' The rabbit joke is relevant because it occurred to me that looking for Religious Symbols of the Essay, a cabbage in yeager, a butcher's shop might be like looking for ethics in the design field. It may not be the God and Symbols of the Essay most obvious place to yeager find either.

It's interesting to observe that in the new AIGA's code of ethics there is a significant amount of useful information about appropriate behavior towards clients and Security examples, other designers, but not a word about a designer's relationship to the public. General Chuck? We expect a butcher to sell us eatable meat and Religious in "Lord Essay, that he doesn't misrepresent his wares. Chuck Yeager? I remember reading that during the Stalin years in Russia that everything labelled veal was actually chicken. Overcoming? I can't imagine what everything labelled chicken was. General Yeager? We can accept certain kinds of The Bhopal, misrepresentation, such as fudging about the general chuck yeager amount of fat in churchill beaches, his hamburger but once a butcher knowingly sells us spoiled meat we go elsewhere. As a designer, do we have less responsibility to yeager our public than a butcher? Everyone interested in licensing our field might note that the benedict's test reason licensing has been invented is to general protect the public not designers or clients. 'Do no harm' is an The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Essays admonition to doctors concerning their relationship to their patients, not to their fellow practitioners or the general chuck drug companies. Gender, College Essay? If we were licensed, telling the truth might become more central to what we do. So many legends, so little time.

Rick Grefe has asked me to chuck yeager speak briefly on winston fight on the, the value of chuck yeager, continuity in our profession. Of course one could take that charge to mean the short history of design, perhaps beginning with Peter Behrens, who is credited with invention of identity programs and Gas Tragedy Essays, coordinating graphic and general chuck yeager, industrial design activities. Or one might consider our history as beginning with the first cave paintings at the dawn of sucrose benedict's test, history.

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Mohamed Chahid. Chuck. Enjeux de la communication. Il n’y a pas de doute: Oscar wilde est l’un des auteurs irlandais les plus brillants mais aussi l’un des plus subtils et des plus sarcastiques de la litterature anglaise des temps modernes. Essay Music. Dans ses contes intitules Le Prince heureux et autres contes , Wilde pousse le sarcasme jusqu’a son paroxysme. General Yeager. Comme nous pouvons le constater a la lecture du conte suivant: L’ami devoue , Oscar Wilde oppose magistralement la ruse et la cupidite d’un homme riche et arriviste a la candeur voire la suffisance de son ami pauvre et stupidment devoue . Churchill Fight. Ce qui frappe dans le recit de Wilde, c’est la morale de l’histoire. General Chuck Yeager. Chez Wilde, il ne faut pas s’attendre a un Happy End . The Bhopal Essays. Contrairement aux contes de fees ou le bon est recompense, le mauvais est puni, ici rien de cela n’arrive…au grand desarroi du lecteur.

Wilde insiste sur le contraire: la bonte est mal servie car, comme on chuck, le lit dans L’ami devoue , elle conduit le bon tout droit a sa perte. Sans tarder, voici le conte L’ami devoue de son auteur l’inimitable Oscar Wilde: Un matin, le vieux rat d’eau mit sa tete hors de son trou. Sucrose Benedict's. Il avait des yeux ronds tres vifs et d’epaisses moustaches grises. General. Sa queue semblait un long morceau de gomme elastique noire. Des petits canards nageaient dans le reservoir, semblables a une troupe de canaris jaunes et leur mere, toute blanche avec des jambes rouges, s’efforcait de leur enseigner a piquer leur tete dans l’eau. – Vous ne pourrez jamais aller dans la bonne societe si vous ne savez pas piquer votre tete, leur disait-elle. Et, de nouveau, elle leur montrait comment il fallait s’y prendre. Amityville Horror Pig. Mais les petits canards ne faisaient nulle attention a ses lecons.

Ils etaient si jeunes qu’ils ne savaient pas quel avantage il y a a vivre dans la societe. – Quels desobeissants enfants ! s’ecria le vieux rat d’eau. General Yeager. Ils meriteraient vraiment d’etre noyes ! – Le Ciel m’en preserve ! repliqua la cane. Essays. Il faut un commencement a tout et des parents ne sauraient etre trop patients. – Ah ! je n’ai aucune idee des sentiments que peuvent eprouver des parents, dit le rat d’eau. Yeager. Je ne suis pas un pere de famille. Winston Churchill Fight. En fait, je ne me suis jamais marie et je n’ai jamais songe a le faire.

Sans doute l’amour est une bonne chose a sa maniere, mais l’amitie vaut bien mieux. Chuck. Certes, je ne sais rien au monde qui soit plus noble ou plus rare qu’une amitie devouee. – Et quelle est, je vous prie, votre idee des devoirs d’un ami devoue ? demanda une linotte verte perchee sur un saule tordu et qui avait ecoute la conversation. – Oui, c’est justement ce que je voudrais savoir, fit la cane, et elle nagea vers l’extremite du reservoir et piqua sa tete pour donner a ses enfants le bon exemple. – Quelle question niaise ! cria le rat d’eau. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Essays. J’entends que mon ami devoue me soit devoue, parbleu ! – Et que ferez-vous en retour ? dit le petit oiseau, s’agitant sur une ramille argentee et battant de ses petites ailes. – Je ne vous comprends pas, repondit le rat d’eau. – Laissez-moi vous conter une histoire a ce sujet, dit la linotte. – L’histoire est-elle pour moi ? demanda le rat d’eau.

Si oui, je l’ecouterai volontiers, car j’aime les contes a la folie. – Elle vous est applicable, repondit la linotte. Elle s’envola et, s’abattant sur le bord du reservoir, elle conta l’histoire de l’Ami devoue. « Il y avait une fois, dit la linotte, un honnete garcon nomme Hans. – Etait-ce un homme vraiment distingue ? demanda le rat d’eau. – Non, repondit la linotte. General. Je ne crois pas qu’il fut du tout distingue, sauf par son bon c?ur et sa brune et plaisante figure ronde. Winston Churchill. Il vivait dans une pauvre maison de campagne et tous les jours il travaillait son jardin. General Chuck Yeager. Dans tout le terroir, il n’y avait pas de jardin aussi joli que le sien. OSCE Essay Examples. Il y poussait des ?illets de poete, des giroflees, des bourses a pasteur, des saxifrages.

Il y poussait des roses de Damas, des roses jaunes, des crocus lilas et or, des violiers rouges et blancs. General Chuck. Selon les mois y fleurissaient a tour de role eglantines et cardamines, marjolaines et basilics sauvages, primeveres et iris d’Allemagne, asphodeles et ?illets-girofles. Essays. Une fleur prenait la place d’une autre fleur. Chuck. Aussi y avait-il toujours de jolies choses a regarder et d’agreables odeurs a respirer. Le petit Hans avait beaucoup d’amis, mais le plus devoue de tous etait le grand Hugh le meunier. The Bhopal Essays. Vraiment le riche meunier etait si devoue au petit Hans qu’il ne serait jamais alle a son jardin sans se pencher sur les plates-bandes, sans y cueillir un gros bouquet ou une poignee de salades succulentes ou sans y remplir ses poches de prunes ou de cerises selon la saison.

– De vrais amis possedent tout en commun, avait l’habitude de dire le meunier. Et le petit Hans approuvait de la tete, souriait et se sentait tout fier d’avoir un ami qui pensait de si nobles choses. Parfois, cependant, le voisinage trouvait etrange que le riche meunier ne donnat jamais rien en retour au petit Hans, quoiqu’il eut cent sacs de farine emmagasines dans son moulin, six vaches laitieres et un grand nombre de betes a laine ; mais Hans ne troubla jamais sa cervelle de semblables idees. Chuck Yeager. Rien ne lui plaisait davantage que d’entendre les belles choses que le meunier avait coutume de dire sur la solidarite des vrais amis. Donc, le petit Hans travaillait son jardin. OSCE Essay Examples. Le printemps, l’ete et l’automne, il etait tres heureux ; mais quand venait l’hiver et qu’il n’avait ni fruits ni fleurs a porter au marche, il souffrait beaucoup du froid et de la faim et souvent il se couchait sans avoir mange autre chose que quelques poires seches et quelques mauvaises noix.

L’hiver aussi, il etait extremement isole, car le meunier ne venait jamais le voir dans cette saison. – Il n’est pas bon que j’aille voir le petit Hans tant que dureront les neiges, disait souvent le meunier a sa femme. Chuck. Quand les gens ont des ennuis, il faut les laisser seuls et ne pas les tourmenter de visites. Fear With. Ce sont la du moins mes idees sur l’amitie et je suis certain qu’elles sont justes. Yeager. Aussi j’attendrai le printemps et alors j’irai le voir : il pourra me donner un grand panier de primeveres et cela le rendra heureux. – Vous etes certes plein de sollicitude pour les autres, repondait sa femme assise dans un confortable fauteuil pres d’un beau feu de bois de pin. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy. C’est un vrai regal que de vous entendre parler de l’amitie.

Je suis sure que le cure ne dirait pas d’aussi belles choses que vous la-dessus, quoiqu’il habite une maison a trois etages et qu’il porte un anneau d’or a son petit doigt. – Mais ne pourrions-nous engager le petit Hans a venir ici ? interrogeait le jeune fils du fermier. Yeager. Si le pauvre Hans a des ennuis, je lui donnerai la moitie de ma soupe et je lui montrerai mes lapins blancs. – Quel niais vous etes ! s’ecria le meunier. On The Beaches. Je ne sais vraiment pas a quoi il sert de vous envoyer a l’ecole. General Yeager. Vous semblez n’y rien apprendre. Winston Churchill Fight On The Beaches. Parbleu ! si le petit Hans venait ici, s’il voyait notre bon feu, notre excellent souper et notre grosse barrique de vin rouge, il pourrait devenir envieux. General Yeager. Or l’envie est une bien terrible chose et qui gaterait les meilleurs caracteres. Churchill On The Beaches. Certes je ne souffrirai pas que le caractere d’Hans soit gate.

Je suis son meilleur ami et je veillerai toujours sur lui et aurai soin qu’il ne soit expose a aucune tentation. General Chuck. En outre, si Hans venait ici, il pourrait me demander de lui donner un peu de farine a credit, et cela je ne puis le faire. Amityville Horror Pig. La farine est une chose et l’amitie en est une autre, et elles ne doivent pas etre confondues. Yeager. Ma foi ! ces mots s’orthographient differemment et signifient des choses toutes differentes. And International Security Essay. Chacun sait cela. – Comme vous parlez bien, dit la femme du meunier en lui tendant un grand verre de biere chaude. General Yeager. Je me sens vraiment tout endormie.

C’est tout a fait comme a l’eglise. – Beaucoup agissent bien, repliqua le meunier, mais peu savent bien parler, ce qui prouve que parler est de beaucoup la chose la plus difficile et aussi la plus belle des deux. Et il regarda severement par dessus la table son jeune fils qui se sentit si honteux de lui-meme qu’il baissa la tete, devint presque ecarlate et se mit a pleurer dans son the. Il etait si jeune que vous l’excuserez. – C’est la la fin de l’histoire ? demanda le rat d’eau.

– Non pas, repliqua la linotte. Amityville Horror. C’est le commencement. – Alors vous etes tout a fait en arriere sur votre temps, reprit le rat d’eau. Yeager. Tout bon conteur, aujourd’hui, debute par la fin, reprend au debut et termine par le milieu. Sucrose Test. C’est la nouvelle methode.

J’ai entendu cela de la bouche d’un critique qui se promenait autour du reservoir avec un jeune homme. Chuck. Il traitait la question en maitre et je suis sur qu’il devait avoir raison, car il avait des lunettes bleues et la tete chauve ; et, quand le jeune homme lui faisait quelque observation, il repondait toujours : « Peuh ! » Mais continuez, je vous prie, votre histoire. Essay Examples. J’aime beaucoup le meunier. Yeager. J’ai moi-meme toute sorte de beaux sentiments : aussi y a-t-il une grande sympathie entre nous. – Bien ! fit la linotte sautillant tantot sur une patte et tantot sur l’autre. Benedict's Test. Sitot que l’hiver fut passe, des que les primeveres commencerent a ouvrir leurs etoiles jaune pale, le meunier dit a sa femme qu’il allait sortir et faire visite au petit Hans. – Ah ! quel bon c?ur vous avez ! lui cria sa femme. General. Vous pensez toujours aux autres. And International Essay Examples. Songez a emporter le grand panier pour rapporter des fleurs.

Alors le meunier attacha ensemble les ailes du moulin avec une forte chaine de fer et descendit la colline, le panier au bras. – Bonjour, petit Hans, dit le meunier. – Bonjour, fit Hans s’appuyant sur sa beche et avec un sourire qui allait d’une oreille a l’autre. – Et comment avez-vous passe l’hiver ? reprit le meunier. – Bien, bien ! repliqua Hans, c’est gentil a vous de vous en informer. Chuck. J’ai bien eu du mauvais temps a passer, mais maintenant le printemps est de retour et je suis presque heureux… Puis, mes fleurs vont bien donner. – Nous avons souvent parle de vous cet hiver, Hans, continua le meunier, et nous nous demandions ce que vous deveniez. – C’est bien bon a vous, dit Hans. Sucrose. Je craignais presque que vous m’ayez oublie. – Hans, je suis surpris de vous entendre parler de la sorte, fit le meunier. General Chuck Yeager. L’amitie n’oublie jamais.

C’est ce qu’elle a d’admirable, mais je crains que vous ne compreniez pas la poesie de la vie. Overcoming Fear With. Comme vos primeveres sont belles, entre parentheses. – Certes, elles sont vraiment belles, fit Hans, et il est heureux pour moi que j’en aie beaucoup. General. Je vais les porter au marche et les vendre a la fille du bourgmestre et avec l’argent je racheterai ma brouette. – Vous racheterez votre brouette ? Voulez-vous dire que vous l’avez vendue ? C’est un acte bien niais. – Certes, oui, mais le fait est, repliqua Hans, que j’y etais oblige. Essay Examples. Vous le savez, l’hiver est pour moi une tres mauvaise saison et je n’avais vraiment pas le sou pour acheter du pain. General. Donc j’ai vendu d’abord les boutons d’or de mon habit des dimanches, puis j’ai vendu ma chaine d’argent et ensuite ma grande flute. Essay Music. Enfin j’ai vendu ma brouette.

Mais maintenant je vais racheter tout cela. – Hans, dit le meunier, je vous donnerai ma brouette. General Yeager. Elle n’est pas en tres bon etat. OSCE And International Security Essay. Un des cotes est parti et il y a quelque chose de tordu aux rayons de la roue, mais malgre cela je vous la donnerai. General Chuck Yeager. Je sais que c’est genereux de ma part et beaucoup de gens me trouveraient fou de m’en dessaisir, mais je ne suis pas comme le reste du monde. On The. Je pense que la generosite est l’essence de l’amitie et, en outre, je me suis achete une nouvelle brouette.

Oui, vous pouvez etre tranquille… Je vous donnerai ma brouette. – Merci, c’est vraiment genereux de votre part, dit le petit Hans et sa plaisante figure ronde resplendit de plaisir. Chuck. Je puis aisement la reparer, car j’ai une planche chez moi. – Une planche ! s’ecria le meunier. Benedict's. Parfait ! c’est justement ce qu’il me faut pour le toit de ma grange. General Chuck Yeager. Il y a un grand trou et mon ble sera tout humide si je ne le bouche pas. Essay Music. Comme vous avez dit cela a propos ! Il est vraiment a remarquer qu’une bonne action en engendre toujours une autre. General Yeager. Je vous ai donne ma brouette et maintenant vous allez me donner votre planche. Fear With Faith. Naturellement la brouette vaut beaucoup plus que la planche, mais l’amitie sincere ne remarque jamais ces choses-la. General Yeager. Veuillez me donner tout de suite la planche et je me mettrai aujourd’hui meme a l’ouvrage pour reparer ma grange.

– Certainement ! repliqua le petit Hans. Et il courut a son appentis et en sortit la planche. The Bhopal. – Ce n’est pas une tres grande planche, dit le meunier en la regardant, et je crains que lorsque j’aurai repare le toit de ma grange, il n’en reste pas assez pour que vous raccommodiez la brouette, mais ce n’est naturellement pas ma faute… Et maintenant, comme je vous ai donne ma brouette, je suis sur que en retour vous voudrez me donner quelques fleurs… Voici le panier, vous aurez soin de le remplir presque entierement. – Presque entierement ? dit le petit Hans presque chagrin, car le panier etait de grandes dimensions et il se rendait compte que, s’il le remplissait, il n’aurait plus de fleurs a porter au marche. Yeager. Or, il etait tres desireux de racheter ses boutons d’argent. – Ma foi, repondit le meunier, comme je vous ai donne ma brouette, je ne pensais pas que ce fut trop de vous demander quelques fleurs. Winston Churchill. Je puis me tromper, mais je croyais que l’amitie, l’amitie vraie etait affranchie d’egoisme de quelque espece que ce soit. – Mon cher ami, mon meilleur ami, protesta le petit Hans, toutes les fleurs de mon jardin sont a votre disposition, car j’ai un bien plus vif desir de votre estime que de mes boutons d’argent. Et il courut cueillir ces jolies primeveres et en remplir le panier du meunier.

– Adieu, petit Hans ! dit le meunier en remontant la colline sa planche sur l’epaule et son grand panier au bras. – Adieu ! dit le petit Hans. Et il se mit a becher gaiement : il etait si content d’avoir la brouette. Le lendemain, il attachait un chevrefeuille sur sa porte, quand il entendit la voix du meunier qui l’appelait de la route. General Yeager. Alors il sauta de son echelle, courut au bas du jardin et regarda par-dessus la muraille. C’etait le meunier avec un grand sac de farine sur son epaule. Sucrose. – Cher petit Hans, dit le meunier, voudriez-vous me porter ce sac de farine au marche ? – Oh j’en suis fache, dit Hans, mais je suis vraiment tres occupe aujourd’hui. General Chuck Yeager. J’ai toutes mes plantes grimpantes a fixer, toutes mes fleurs a arroser, tous mes gazons a faucher a la roulette. – Ma foi, repliqua le meunier, je pensais qu’en consideration de ce que je vous ai donne ma brouette, il serait peu aimable de votre part de me refuser. – Oh je ne refuse pas ! protesta le petit Hans. Fear Faith. Pour tout au monde, je ne voudrais pas agir en ami a votre egard.

Et il alla chercher sa casquette et partit avec le gros sac sur son epaule. C’etait une tres chaude journee et la route etait atrocement poudreuse. Chuck. Avant que Hans eut atteint la borne marquant le sixieme mille, il etait si fatigue qu’il dut s’asseoir et se reposer. Overcoming Fear With. Neanmoins il ne tarda pas a continuer courageusement son chemin et arriva enfin au marche. Apres une attente de quelques instants, il vendit le sac de farine a un bon prix et alors il s’en retourna d’un trait chez lui, car il craignait s’il s’attardait trop de rencontrer quelque voleur en route.

– Voila certes une rude journee, se dit Hans en se mettant au lit, mais je suis content de n’avoir pas refuse, car le meunier est mon meilleur ami et, en outre, il va me donner sa brouette. De tres bon matin, le lendemain, le meunier vint chercher l’argent de son sac de farine, mais le petit Hans etait si fatigue qu’il etait encore au lit. – Ma parole ! fit le meunier, vous etes bien paresseux. General Chuck Yeager. Quand je pense que je viens de vous donner ma brouette, il me semble que vous pourriez travailler plus vaillamment. Sucrose Test. La paresse est un grand vice et, certes, je ne voudrais pas qu’un de mes amis soit paresseux ou apathique. Yeager. Ne jugez pas mon langage sans facon avec vous.

Je ne songerais certes pas a parler de la sorte si je n’etais votre ami. Winston Churchill Fight Beaches. Mais que servirait l’amitie si on general yeager, ne pouvait dire nettement ce qu’on pense ? Tout le monde peut dire des choses aimables, s’efforcer de plaire et de flatter, mais un ami sincere dit des choses deplaisantes et n’hesite pas a faire de la peine. Gas Tragedy Essays. Tout au contraire, s’il est un ami vrai, il prefere cela, car il sait qu’ainsi il fait du bien. – Je suis bien fache, repondit le petit Hans en frottant ses yeux et en enlevant son bonnet de nuit, mais j’etais si fatigue que je croyais que je m’etais couche il y a peu de temps et j’ecoutais chanter les oiseaux. Yeager. Ne savez-vous pas que je travaille toujours mieux quand j’ai entendu chanter les oiseaux ? – Bon ! tant mieux ! repliqua le meunier en donnant a Hans une claque dans le dos, car j’ai besoin que vous repariez le toit de ma grange. Le petit Hans avait grand besoin d’aller travailler dans son jardin, car ses fleurs n’avaient pas ete arrosees de deux jours, mais il ne voulut pas refuser au meunier, car c’etait un bon ami pour lui. – Pensez-vous qu’il ne serait pas amical de vous dire que j’ai a faire ? demanda-t-il d’une voix humble et timide. – Ma foi, repliqua le meunier, je ne pensais pas que ce fut beaucoup vous demander, etant donne que je viens de vous faire cadeau de ma brouette, mais naturellement si vous refusez j’irai le faire moi-meme.

– Oh ! nullement, s’ecria le petit Hans en sautant de son lit. Il s’habilla et se rendit dans la grange. Il y travailla toute la journee jusqu’au coucher du soleil et au coucher du soleil le meunier vint voir ou il en etait. The Bhopal Essays. – Avez vous bouche le trou du toit ? petit Hans, cria le meunier d’une voix gaie. – C’est presque fini, repondit le petit Hans descendant de l’echelle. – Ah ! dit le meunier, il n’y a pas de travail plus delicieux que celui que l’on peut faire pour autrui. – C’est a coup sur un privilege de vous entendre parler, repondit le petit Hans qui s’arreta et essuya son front, un tres grand privilege, mais je crains de n’avoir jamais d’aussi belles idees que vous.

– Oh ! elles vous viendront, fit le meunier, mais vous devriez prendre plus de peine. Chuck Yeager. A present vous n’avez que la pratique de l’amitie. Benedict's Test. Quelque jour vous aurez aussi la theorie. – Le croyez-vous vraiment ? demanda le petit Hans. – Je n’en doute pas, repondit le meunier. General Chuck Yeager. Mais maintenant que vous avez repare le toit, vous feriez mieux de rentrer chez vous et de vous reposer ; car, demain, j’ai besoin que vous conduisiez mes moutons a la montagne. Le pauvre petit Hans n’osa protester et, le lendemain, a l’aube, le meunier amena ses moutons pres de sa petite ferme et Hans partit avec eux pour la montagne. Overcoming Essays. Aller et revenir lui prirent toute la journee et quand il revint il etait si fatigue qu’il s’endormit sur sa chaise et ne se reveilla qu’au jour.

– Quel temps delicieux j’aurai dans mon jardin ! se dit-il, et il allait se mettre a la besogne. Mais, d’une maniere ou d’autre, il n’eut pas le temps de jeter un coup d’?il a ses fleurs : son ami le meunier arrivait et l’envoyait faire de longues courses ou lui demandait de venir aider au moulin. General. Parfois le petit Hans etait aux abois a la pensee que ses fleurs croiraient qu’il les avait oubliees, mais il se consolait en songeant que le meunier etait son meilleur ami. – En outre, avait-il coutume de dire, il va me donner sa brouette et c’est un acte de pure generosite. Donc le petit Hans travaillait pour le meunier et le meunier disait beaucoup de belles choses sur l’amitie qu’Hans ecrivait dans un livre de raison et qu’il relisait le soir, car il etait lettre. Or, il arriva qu’un soir le petit Hans etait assis pres de son feu quand on churchill on the beaches, frappa un grand coup a la porte. La nuit etait tres noire. General Chuck. Le vent soufflait et rugissait autour de la maison si terriblement que d’abord Hans pensa que c’etait l’ouragan qui heurtait la porte. Essay Music. Mais un second coup resonna, puis un troisieme plus rude que les autres.

– C’est quelque pauvre voyageur, se dit le petit Hans, et il courut a la porte. Le meunier etait sur le seuil, une lanterne d’une main et une grosse trique de l’autre. – Cher petit Hans, cria le meunier, j’ai un grand chagrin. General. Mon gamin est tombe d’une echelle et s’est blesse. Gas Tragedy Essays. Je vais chercher le medecin. General. Mais il habite loin d’ici et la nuit est si mauvaise que j’ai pense qu’il vaudrait mieux que vous alliez a ma place. Amityville. Vous savez que je vous donne ma brouette. General. Ainsi il serait gentil a vous de faire en echange quelque chose pour moi. – Certainement, s’ecria le petit Hans. Amityville. Je suis heureux que vous ayez songe a venir me chercher et je vais partir tout de suite.

Mais vous devriez me preter votre lanterne, car la nuit est si sombre que je crains de tomber dans quelque fosse. – Je suis desole, repondit le meunier, mais c’est ma nouvelle lanterne et ce serait une grande perte si quelque accident lui arrivait. General. – Bon ! n’en parlons plus ! Je m’en passerai, fit le petit Hans. Il endossa son grand manteau de fourrure et sa chaude casquette rouge, noua son cache-nez autour de sa gorge et partit. Quelle terrible tempete il soufflait. Winston Fight. La nuit etait si noire que le petit Hans y voyait a peine et le vent si fort qu’il avait peine a marcher. Yeager. Neanmoins il etait tres courageux et, apres qu’il eut marche pres de trois heures, il arriva chez le medecin et frappa a sa porte.

– Qui est la ? cria le medecin en mettant sa tete a la fenetre de sa chambre. – Le petit Hans, docteur ! – Que desirez-vous, petit Hans ? – Le fils du meunier est tombe d’une echelle et s’est blesse et il faut que vous veniez sur l’heure. – Tres bien ! repliqua le docteur. Et il harnacha sur-le-champ son cheval, mit ses grandes bottes, prit sa lanterne et descendit l’escalier. Sucrose. Il partit dans la direction de la maison du meunier, le petit Hans allant a pied derriere lui. Mais l’orage grossit. General Chuck. La pluie tomba a torrents et le petit Hans ne pouvait ni voir ou il allait ni tenir pied au cheval. Benedict's. A la fin il perdit son chemin, erra sur la lande qui etait un endroit dangereux plein de trous profonds et ou le pauvre Hans se noya. Le lendemain, des bergers trouverent son corps flottant sur une grande mare et le porterent a sa petite ferme. Tout le monde alla a l’enterrement du petit Hans, car il etait tres aime., et le meunier figura en tete du deuil. – J’etais son meilleur ami, dit le meunier ; il est de droit que j’aie la place d’honneur.

Il prit donc la tete du cortege en long manteau noir et, de temps en temps, il essuyait ses yeux avec un grand mouchoir de poche. General Chuck. – Le petit Hans est a coup sur une grande perte pour nous tous, dit le ferblantier, quand les funerailles furent terminees et que le deuil fut confortablement assis a l’auberge a boire du vin aux epices et a manger de bons gateaux. – C’est surtout une grande perte pour moi, repondit le meunier. Test. Ma foi, j’etais assez bon pour me proposer de lui donner ma brouette et maintenant je ne sais qu’en faire. General Chuck. Elle me gene a la maison et elle est en si mauvais etat que si je la vendais je n’en tirerais rien. Amityville Horror. Certainement je ne donnerai desormais plus rien a personne. General Chuck Yeager. On patit toujours d’avoir ete genereux. – C’est tres juste, fit le rat d’eau apres une longue pause. – Parfait ! C’est le mot de la fin, dit la linotte. – Et que devint le meunier ? dit le rat d’eau.

– Oh ! je n’en sais vraiment rien, repliqua la linotte, et certes cela m’est egal. – Il est evident que vous n’etes pas d’une nature sympathique, dit le rat d’eau. – Je crains que vous n’ayez pas vu la morale de l’histoire, repliqua la linotte. – La quoi ? cria le rat d’eau. – Voulez-vous dire que l’histoire a une morale ? – Certainement, affirma la linotte. – Ma foi ! fit le rat d’eau d’un ton colere, vous auriez du me le dire avant de commencer. Gas Tragedy Essays. Si vous l’eussiez fait, certainement je ne vous aurais pas ecoutee. Yeager. Certainement je vous aurais dit : « Peuh ! » comme le critique. Amityville. Mais je puis le dire maintenant. Et il cria son « Peuh ! » de toute sa voix, donna un coup de queue et rentra dans son trou. – Et que dites-vous du rat d’eau ? demanda la cane qui arriva en patrouillant quelques minutes apres.

Il a beaucoup de qualites, mais pour ma part, j’ai les sentiments d’une mere et je ne puis voir un celibataire endurci sans que les larmes me viennent aux yeux. – Je crains de l’avoir ennuye, repondit la linotte. General Chuck Yeager. Le fait est que je lui ai conte une histoire qui a sa morale. – Ah c’est toujours une chose tres dangereuse, dit la cane.

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animal book reports As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the chuck yeager site, with print-friendly pages. Writing an Animal Report. Animal Report Graphic Organizers Printouts. First, get to know about your animal. Read as much information about the animal as you can find. Try both the OSCE Security Internet and the library; try a good search engine, an chuck yeager encyclopedia, and individual books on animals. As you're reading about your animal, take notes on key information, such as where your animal lives (its range), what type of biome it lives in amityville horror pig (its habitat), how big your animal gets, what it looks like, what it eats, what eats it, how long it lives (if this is known), etc. The Structure of the Animal Report : Start your report with an introductory paragraph that states the main ideas that you will be writing about. Yeager! Then write at least four to five paragraphs that clearly describe your animal and how it lives. Each paragraph should cover one topic (for example, you should have one paragraph that covers the animal's anatomy).

End the report with a closing paragraph that summarizes what you wrote and winston churchill, learned. Chuck! Check that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct. Make sure to amityville horror pig, use complete sentences and write neatly! Define any technical terms that you use. Proofread your report for errors before you hand it in -- do not hand in general yeager a rough draft. Topics to Gas Tragedy Essays, Research and Include in Your Report : When you write your report, try to answer as many of the following questions as you can (unfortunately, not all of these things are known for all animals): The Animal's Name : What does its name mean? Sometimes this will tell you something important or interesting about the animal. For example, platypus means flat-footed. For some animals, there are special names for a baby, a male, a female, or a group. Also, list your animal's scientific name; this should consist of general chuck a capitalized genus name and a lower-case species name. For example, the platypus is Ornithorhynchus anatinus . Essays! Anatomy/Appearance : What does your animal look like?

How big is it? What shape is general, its body? What does an average one weigh? Does it have horns, antlers, fur, crests or claws? Describe the teeth, head, neck, tail, etc. How many legs does it have? Are its legs long or short?

How many eyes and how many body parts does it have? Does it molt as it grows? Draw a picture if you can. Locomotion : Can your animal move? If so, how does your animal move (does it walk, fly, jump, burrow, etc.)? Is it slow-moving or fast-moving? Why is this important to its survival? For example, most fast-moving animals are fast so that they can catch dinner (like the essay music cheetah) or avoid becoming dinner (like the deer).

Diet : What does your animal eat and chuck yeager, how does it get its food? Is it an herbivore (plant eater), carnivore (meat eater), omnivore (eating meat and plants), or something else? Is there something unusual in the way your animal eats? (For example, the flamingo sieves its food from mud while its head is upside down under the water.) Where is your animal in the food web (is it a top predator, like the grizzly bear, is The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, it at general yeager, the base of the With Faith food web, like krill, or is it somewhere in the middle)? Habitat and Range : What type of biome does this animal prefer (does it live in the desert, swamp, tundra, deep sea, coral reef, tropical rainforest, pond, or other habitat)? Where in the world does it live? List the general chuck continent(s), country/countries, and/or smaller areas that it lives in. Adaptations : What are the obvious adaptations of your animal to its environment? For example, the essay music giraffe's neck is an adaptation for obtaining leaves that are high off the general yeager ground. It also has tough lips to Overcoming Essays, avoid thorns on its main food source. Life Cycle/Reproduction : Give information on chuck the animal's life cycle and reproduction. For example, in Faith the case of insects, list and general, describe each stage in the process of their metamorphosis.

For a species of shark, describe whether it bears live young or lays eggs. Overcoming Fear! Behavior : Describe interesting features of your animal's behavior. For example: Is there evidence of yeager herding or is it a solitary animal? Does it burrow underground? Does it hibernate, estivate, or migrate in cold weather? Is it nocturnal (most active at The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Essays, night)? Defense/Offense : How does it defend itself (and/or attack other animals)? Does it use teeth, fangs, claws, armor, horns, antlers, pincers, poison, a stinger, muscles, a strong smell, and/or something else?

Enemies : What animals eat or otherwise kill your animal? For example, for caterpillars, birds eat caterpillars, but wasps also lay their eggs in general the caterpillars (and this eventually kills the wasp's unwilling host). Species Survival Status : Is this animal species in danger of extinction? If so, why? Has it lost habitat, lost a food source, or has it been overhunted? Something Special : Is there anything special about this animal? This can often be the best part of the horror report, taking you off on interesting topics. Yeager! For example, are there legends about the animal? Classification : How is this animal classified and what animals is it closely related to? In the Linnean system of classification, organisms are classified into a Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and species.

For example, elk are classified as follows: Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia (mammals), Order Artiodactyla, Suborder Ruminantia (ruminants), Family Cervidae (the deer family), Genus Cervus, species C. elaphus (species names are often italicized and written in essay music lower-case; the chuck yeager C. here refers to essay music, the genus Cervus). Citing Your References : When you write your bibliography, list all of chuck your references. Formats for each type of sucrose publication follows (there are different formats for different media): Web Site: Author(s) if appropriate. Title of Site or web page . URL of site, date of publication (the earliest copyright year listed). Book: Author(s). General Chuck Yeager! Title of book . Fear Faith Essays! Edition. Chuck! Location of churchill on the publisher: Name of Publisher, year of publication.

Encyclopedia: Title of general yeager encyclopedia , volume of encyclopedia used. Location of essay music publisher: Name of general yeager Publisher, year of publication, pages where the article is located. Magazine or Journal: Author(s). OSCE Security Essay Examples! Title of article. Name of magazine , Volume.issue (date): pages where the article is located. Author(s) are listed last name first, first name or initials (as cited in the publication). Another format for Internet sources is as follows: Last name, First name of general chuck yeager author.

Title of Page. Name of the publisher ( in our case). Date the Essay page was created (at Enchanted Learning, this is the earliest date on the copyright notice located at the bottom of general chuck each page), Date of revision (at Enchanted Learning, we do not keep track of page revisions). Some teachers also request that you include the date of access; this is the date (or dates) that you went to OSCE and International Security examples, the web page (or pages). The Following is a Rubric For Assessing each Part of Your Research Report :

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camp x book report The History of Camp-X. Unofficially known as Camp-X, the paramilitary training installation was officially known by general various names: as S25-1-1 by the RCMP (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police file name), as Project-J by the Canadian military, and as STS-103 (Special Training School 103) by the SOE (Special Operations Executive), a branch of the British MI-6. It was established December 6, 1941, on the Whitby/Oshawa border in Ontario, Canada through co-operative efforts of the British Security Co-Ordination (BSC) and the Government of Canada. The BSC’s chief, Sir William Stephenson, was a Canadian from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and a close confidant of the British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, who had instructed him to create “the clenched fist that would provide the knockout blow” to the Axis powers. Gas Tragedy. One of Stephenson’s successes was Camp-X! The book, Inside Camp-X , and the story begin, “Lieutenant-Colonel Roper-Caldbeck, the general chuck, first Commanding Officer of Camp-X, stopped, stared over the rolling fields, picturesque Lake Ontario, and the newly erected buildings and thought to himself, “Everything is ready!” The Date: December 6th, 1941! That date was most significant. With Essays. Had the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour been executed six months earlier, there would never have been a Camp-X. General Chuck Yeager. The Camp was designed for the sole purpose of linking Britain and the United States.

Until the direct attack on Pearl Harbour, the United States was forbidden by an act of Congress to get involved with the war. Sucrose Benedict's. How timely that Camp-X should open the day before the attack on Pearl Harbour by general the Japanese. Even the Camp’s location was chosen with a great deal of thought: a remote site on the shores of Lake Ontario, yet only pig thirty miles straight across the general chuck, lake from the United States. It was ideal for bouncing radio signals from Europe, South America, and, of course, between London and the BSC headquarters in New York. The choice of horror site also placed the Camp only five miles from DIL (Defense Industries Ltd.), currently the town of Ajax. At that time, DIL was the largest armaments manufacturing facility in North America. Chuck Yeager. Other points of strategic significance in the Camp’s locale include the situation of the German Prisoner of War Camp in Bowmanville, the position of the mainline Canadian National Railway, which went through the top part of essay music Camp-X, and that of General Motors on yeager, the eastern border of the Camp. The Oshawa Airport which was a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) / Royal Air Force (RAF) Commonwealth air training school at the time was only essay music a short drive from Camp-X. Each of these points will be delved into in more detail throughout the book. The Commanding officers of the Camp soon realized the impact of Camp-X. Requests for more agents and different training programs were coming in daily from London and New York.

Not only chuck were they faced with training agents who were going to go behind enemy lines on specialized missions, but now they had been requested to train agents’ instructors as well. Amityville Horror. These would be recruited primarily from the United States for the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Soon there were trainers training trainers for new Camps that would be set up in the U.S., primarily at RTU-11 in Maryland. To ease the demand for trained trainers, Lieutenant Colonel R. M. Brooker, a British SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) man, established a particularly successful program of weekend courses for OSS executives. (When Camp-X opened, the general, OSS was officially known as the Co-Ordinator of Information (COI) and OSCE and International, did not become the OSS until June of 1942). The psychological aspect of the training was most critical. General Chuck Yeager. As crucial as the agent’s training in Gas Tragedy silent killing and unarmed combat was the development of his ability to quickly and accurately assess the suitability of a potential “Partisan”. He had to general chuck yeager, be able to beaches, recognize a would-be recruit by being alert at chuck, all times and in OSCE and International Security Essay any situation. He was trained to listen for a comment about the government, about the Nazis or about how the general chuck yeager, war was progressing, and to subsequently engage the individual in conversation, perhaps offer him a drink or buy him a meal.

In this manner he could further identify the individual’s philosophy and thoughts about the war. The Bhopal Essays. Paramount among the objectives set for the operation, including the training of Allied agents for the entire catalogue of espionage activities (sabotage, subversion, deception, intelligence, and other ‘special means’), was the necessity to establish a major communications link between North and South America and European operations of SOE. Yeager. Code named ‘Hydra’, the resulting short-wave radio and telecommunications centre was the most powerful of its type. Largely “hand-made” by essay music a few gifted Canadian radio amateurs, Hydra played a magnificent role in the tactical and general yeager, strategic Allied radio networks. When one steps back and looks at essay music, the 1940 grand picture, one can see exactly why Canada was so important to the SOE as a base for their agents: if the general yeager, agents were to be recruited in Canada, why not train them there? Soon the BSC had large populations of French Canadians, Yugoslavs, Italians, Hungarians, Romanians, Chinese, and Japanese at their disposal and in OSCE and International Security examples a concentrated geographical area. It was easier to send a few instructors over to Canada then it was to send 500 or 600 potential agents to Britain only to find that they were not Secret Agent material and afterward have to send them home. One must remember that the British were still an invasion target to general chuck, the Germans. Such an invasion, if successful, would be the end of the Essays, SOE Training Schools in Britain.

Thus, Camp-X became the chuck, assembly line for ‘special agents’ and subsequently the SOE. The agents trained at Camp-X would have no idea whatsoever as to their future mission behind enemy lines, nor for that matter would the instructors and/or the Camp Commandant. Overcoming Fear With Essays. Camp-X’s sole purpose was to develop and train all agents in every aspect of yeager silent killing, sabotage, Partisan work, recruitment methods for the resistance movement, demolition, map reading, weaponry, and Morse Code. It was not until the agents completed their ten-week course that the instructors and commanding officers would assess each individual for his particular expertise and subsequently advise the SOE in London of their recommendations. OSCE Security Essay Examples. For example, one agent might excel in general chuck yeager the demolition field while another might be better at wireless telegraph work. Once the agents arrived in Britain, they would be reassessed and would be assigned to a Finishing School where their expertise would be further refined.

Once this task was completed, another branch of the SOE would take over and develop a mission best suited for each individual agent. Horror Pig. Eric Curwain, Chief Recruitment Officer of the Canadian Division of the British Security Co-ordination, wrote about Canada’s significant contribution to the war effort in his unpublished manuscript, Almost Top Secret . “Previous visits to Canada could not prepare a wartime visitor for the vast war effort that at once became visible on leaving the port of Halifax to take the train for yeager Toronto. Any Allied national from OSCE Security Europe must have been thrilled to see those long lines of loaded freight cars, lying in sidings, awaiting the day to pour their weaponry into general chuck yeager, the hundreds of ships that Germany’s ever-increasing hordes of submarines could never defeat.” As part of my research into Camp-X, I have been in constant contact with London, England, and specifically the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office). One interesting piece of information from London I would like to essay music, share with you now. Chuck Yeager. The following is an excerpt from a letter, which I recently received from Duncan Stuart, SOE adviser, FCO. “First of all, I should say that virtually no records have survived over essay music here about yeager, STS-103. As I am sure you know, there was a bonfire of all of the New York and Canadian records at STS-103 at the end of the War. And, in any case, Bill STEPHENSON (sic) was not much in the habit of informing SOE HQ of the details of what he was up to, so there was never much information on American or Canadian matters in HQ. Winston Beaches. Moreover, SOE’s Training Section over here destroyed all its training records at general chuck yeager, the end of the War.” Thus, it will be books such as Inside Camp-X that we will have to rely upon to tell the real story of what went on behind those barbed fire fences. To meet this end, I have accumulated forty hours of taped interviews with the men and women of Camp-X as well as the neighbours of the Camp.

I personally spent hundreds of hours investigating and researching in order to produce Inside Camp-X . (Note: Although this site is Copyright ©, you may quote from it for the purpose of doing essays, reviews, or newspaper articles. Students, for pictures of Camp-X during WWII, please go here . Four very brave Americans: Chip Gray (second from left) and Leif Bangsboll (with canes) Leif was with the OSS and trained at Gas Tragedy Essays, Camp-X. German U-boat cipher intercepts which were critical to winning the war against Donitz’ ‘Wolf Pack’. Knowing what the ‘Wolf Pack’ was going to do next, and where they would be heading allowed the Allies to manoeuvre their convoys around the ‘Pack’. The availability of top-secret messages between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, which allowed the general yeager, two leaders to essay music, strategise the next moves in the war, instantaneously. Information supplied by William Stephenson’s agents in South America enabled the Royal Navy to sink German ships coming back from South America loaded with raw materials destined for Germany’s war production plants. Although many of the missions of the thousands of chuck secret agents trained by SOE are lost forever due to various reasons, it is well documented as to how successful these agents were as a whole. The SOE knew that for every 100 missions scheduled to take place, only 5% would be successful. Should this be considered a failure? Not at Essays, all; just the fact that the Allies had so many agents working simultaneously behind enemy lines meant that the Germans had to devote entire departments of high ranking, intelligent, German officers dedicating their entire war effort to tracking down every single Allied Agent which of course was an impossibility.

These departments, the SD and Gestapo, were virtually tied up fighting the ‘Unconventional’ battle. Sir Colin Gubbins, Head of Special Operations Executive (SOE), wrote the following report to Winston Churchill shortly after the successful landings in general France. “The stream of coded messages put out by the BBC on the evening of essay music June 5th 1944 was directed at yeager, some 175,000 French Rsistance fighters, according to plan. Churchill Fight. The response has been overwhelming. Of 1,050 rail demolition’s asked for by the Allied Command, 950 have taken place. The rail network is general chuck yeager, paralysed and German traffic, driven onto the roads, has run into countless road blocks.” This of course caused the Germans lengthy delays in Overcoming Essays getting back to general chuck yeager, Normandy from Calais and ensured the Allies a foothold on the beaches. Even with this great accomplishment, the benedict's, Allies incurred terrible losses. One can only imagine the catastrophe that might have been if it were not for these brave men and general yeager, women. It could have been another Dieppe.

One success story, for which I haven’t written about until now, was the time when three instructors from Camp-X were sent into France just prior to ‘D’ Day and successfully blew up the most important Radar installation that the Essay, Germans had. This of course had the effect of saving hundreds if not thousands of Allied lives. That’s just one of the general chuck yeager, 500 stories; most of these stories have gone to the grave along with the essay music, brave men and women who owned the general chuck, right to stand up and proudly say: I did make a difference. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look through the Overcoming With Faith Essays, eyes of a secret agent during World War II? Well, I have been lucky enough to do exactly that.

During my research of the general, ‘top secret’ spy school, ‘Camp-X’, I had the pleasure to Gas Tragedy Essays, meet a man named Andrew (Andy) Durovecz, non-de guerre, Andy Daniels. Andy was much different from other secret agents as he was in his thirties when he left Camp-X for his secret mission behind enemy lines. I mention this because by the age of thirty, most of us have matured to chuck yeager, the point that we recognise danger and fear whereas a person in their early twenties, knows no fear. This of course is why young people of the age of 19 or 20 are selected for dangerous missions. Imagine being told at such a young age that you have a 50/50 chance of surviving your mission and this would depend on how well you listened and learned from your instructors! On a cold November day in 1977, I was able to convince Andy to return with me to those windswept fields of churchill beaches Camp-X. General. There, reminiscences of essay music life at Camp-X came back to Andy like being hit by a bolt of lightning.

Andy Daniels sat silently in the hollow shell of the Halifax Bomber, oblivious to what was going on yeager, around him. The flashing red light beside the open drop chute was all he could see. Overcoming Faith Essays. The others with him were equally quiet. He took another sip from his flask of general chuck yeager rum while he stared at the light, which constantly flashed in OSCE Essay his face, wondering how soon would it turn green? At that moment he had no idea where he was, only that soon he would drop through that chute and into the unknown. General Chuck Yeager. What would be waiting for him when he reached the ground? Had the enemy been tipped off about his arrival? Would the Gestapo be waiting for him when he landed?

He took another sip from his flask and stared at Essays, the flashing light. Andy thought back to the day when he had sat in the shade of a tree trying to escape a June heat wave at Camp Borden, Ontario. A corporal came running in his direction. “Private, the Commanding Officer would like to see you,” the corporal said. Andy went to the CO who ordered him to report to the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds in Toronto, a staging area for soldiers about to be shipped overseas. Once there, eight other Hungarian/Canadian boys, all of general chuck whom he recognized, joined Andy. They were all packed into an army Jeep, and sucrose benedict's, then later into a civilian car, and in less than two hours, they arrived at Camp-X. General. Of course, Andy had no idea where or what this place was.

All he knew was that they were in a secluded, secret Camp. As Andy and the others stepped into winston fight beaches, the building to which they had been directed, he immediately knew where their mission would take them. The reception room had been converted into their Hungarian “homeland” complete with food, folk art pieces, and general chuck, wine. Training started that first night#151;drinking good Hungarian wine! Naturally, the young recruits did not look upon this as a training exercise but more as a reception or a bit of R R before their actual training would begin. Their trainers, however, certainly took it more seriously. This was the very purpose of the essay music, exercise: to learn to be able to drink as much as was possible and still hold your tongue. Some months later this training paid off, as will become apparent as Andy’s story continues to unfold.

Training went on day and night. Daytime instruction dealt with the basic skills; then, as the trainees advanced, nighttime instructions were added. The training was intensive, to say the general yeager, least. Every minute of the day was filled. Faith Essays. The agents were kept either running or crawling; they seldom walked anywhere.

They might be either silently crawling up to a target or stealing away from it. General Chuck Yeager. The same exercise was repeated over and over until it was pounded into them and became an integral part of their nervous systems, until each reaction was so automatic that it became a sixth sense. “We had to go into a dark room in the old Sinclair farmhouse where we would find a bag of gun parts. OSCE Essay. Still in the dark, we had to put them together and yeager, come out shooting.” An obstacle course was constructed through which the agents suffered the most rigorous and Overcoming Fear With Essays, gruelling instruction. Specialty equipment was often received from American manufacturers, occasionally obtained with the direct intervention of yeager President Roosevelt. Corning Glass received a request for, and subsequently provided, a sheet of bullet-proof glass some six feet high and nine feet wide. Agents would stand behind this glass while live ammunition was fired directly at them from short range. The following pictures were smuggled out of Camp-X, copied, and actually appeared in a local Toronto newspaper in 1943. They were then smuggled back into the Camp. The agent-in-training responsible for this ‘operation’ had created a cover story to protect himself.

If he were to be caught, he would simply say that he was practicing what he had been taught to see how proficient he was, and then he could return the essay music, pictures immediately. As it turned out, he did not get caught and general chuck, he performed his self-proclaimed mission successfully. Photographs such as this of the agents’ training were taken routinely and became part of Major Fairbairn’s Instruction Manual. One might wonder why it was so important to the agent in the field as well as the guard responsible for guarding the Camp to both be trained in Security all of these procedures. Whether the agent was attempting to “infiltrate” the Camp, or the guard was trying to prevent him from doing so, it was beneficial to both to understand the actions of the general chuck yeager, other. One only Overcoming With Essays need read the following quote from Andy (Durovecz) Daniels’ book, “My Secret Mission”, to see why. Yeager. ”I was questioned by the Gestapo as well. Pig. Once again I had to describe the chuck yeager, methods and locations of my training, but I told them no more than I had told the essay music, Hungarians. Since I had come through Slovakia, they too tried to discover, by general fair means or foul, whether I was not a “Bolshie” and a Soviet agent, giving me many a beating in the process.

What they really wanted to know were the amityville pig, intentions of the general chuck yeager, British concerning Hungary. Where, and in which direction would the British carry out a major attack on the Balkans? How many British soldiers and airmen were being prepared for action in Hungary? I could honestly say I didn’t know. “Once, while questioning me, the Gestapo suddenly started talking about Camp-X! Where was it? What kind of training took place there? They asked me much that I really did not know. We did not even know at that time about the Essays, code name, “Camp-X”; the people around Whitby and Oshawa had merely called it “the secret military camp”. This showed how well informed the general, Abwehr (the German Military Intelligence) were; they even knew the code name. But they did not bother me much about this, perhaps because they knew no more, perhaps because my demeanour suggested it really was news to me.” My old friend Andy was right. As indicated previously, every intelligence agency had a name for Camp-X, but “Camp-X” itself was not one of them.

The name “Camp-X” was given by the locals at the time of its construction when they first became aware of the benedict's, mysterious goings on general chuck, behind the fences. Could it be that the Overcoming Fear With Faith, German intelligence agents got so close to Camp-X that they believed the actual name of the Camp to be “Camp-X” because the locals living in the surrounding area referred to it as such? It is not unrealistic that the Germans were aware of Camp-X. General. We now know that German records captured by the Allies at the end of the War clearly indicate that the The Bhopal, Germans were aware of every aspect of the chuck, English Camp, Beaulieu, right down to the name of Lord Montagu’s dog. The Montagu family owned the Beaulieu Estate. Merv Allin recalled working in his brother’s field, which was on the east side of Thornton Road.

He hid in the dense grass by the side of the road and watched the agents down by Fear Faith the lake placing trip wires across the road. General Yeager. As a car would come down the road, it would set the test, charge off as it passed by. Not enough of a charge was placed to do any damage, but enough to illustrate what could happen if this were done in a real scenario and how easy it would be to blow up the car and its occupants. At the end of a rigorous day of training, the agent would return, totally exhausted, to his room for some relaxation. Upon entering, he might notice that something was missing or misplaced. This taught him the extreme importance of chuck observation. A mental note of the situation was recorded for and International Security future reference should it ever become an general chuck yeager issue in a future training lecture. In the morning, very tough instructors, the majority of whom were from test England, led exercises. Andy remembered one in particular, a very proud Scot who always wore his kilt.

Another, who had already served in Europe, had a limp but was a bright, wise, and clever instructor. The Scot instructor once said, “I’m going to chuck yeager, go to sucrose benedict's, Churchill and tell him to give us one hundred Hungarians and general yeager, one hundred Scots and together we are going to ---- Hitler.” ( Author’s note : This instructor was later identified as Hamish Pelham Burn). He was truly fond of the Hungarian lads. Andy thought that they and the instructors shared a peasant background, which made them able to relate to each other. There was also some mysterious “seventh sense” which bound them.

The Hungarians were believed to OSCE and International Essay examples, be ideally suited for the Secret Service because they demonstrated a relentless determination, great stamina and general, held strong political beliefs. After the Gas Tragedy Essays, war, Colonel F. H. Yeager. Walter, O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire), said; “It was only at horror, a later stage that it was realized by Special Forces and by general the British military authorities generally that the national resistance movements in themselves were powerful potential military forces. From that time forward the SF agent ceased to be merely a saboteur and became, in addition, a liaison officer and an expert in weapon training, in supply, in tactics and in leadership.” Andy and his mates were recruited and Overcoming Fear Faith Essays, trained for general yeager guerrilla warfare. At the Camp, the emphasis for them was on tough physical training. A typical manoeuvre might entail running full out and jumping off the Essays, towering cliffs to the lake below, then climbing back up from the chuck yeager, shore to winston fight on the, the highest point of the cliff by rope. Only nine of the original twenty-two completed the rigorous training and went on to the chuck, next phase. The intelligence training, initiated at Camp-X and continued in England, prepared them not as spies but as agents. ( Author’s Note : During my investigation of Camp-X, I had been told that one of the reasons the Whitby/Oshawa shoreline of Lake Ontario had been chosen was due to the uncanny similarity of the beach front to the shores of France, gradually sloping eastward toward the thirty foot high cliffs. In a later interview with Tommy Drew-Brook, head of the Canadian Division of the BSC, I learned that this, in fact, had nothing to do with the winston churchill on the beaches, decision to pick this particular site. The coincidence of the similarity did make it extremely convenient, however.) Live ammunition was used in all practices.

No one shot directly at the agents-in-training of course, but the stress of yeager knowing that live ammunition was being fired your way added to the sense of realism and reinforced the seriousness of the exercise. Beaches. It was survival training in its truest sense. It taught the agent to keep his head, but at the same time made him angry and chuck yeager, determined. The agent-in-training also concentrated on demolition; factories, railways, bridges, and locomotives were frequent and logical targets. On one such exercise, Andy and his fellow agents were in the Toronto railway yards (Union Station) where they decided to ‘steal’ a locomotive. One of the men asked the others whether anyone knew how to operate it and essay music, the answer was unanimously, “no.” After careful consideration, and in spite of general this minor detail, the decision was made to proceed anyway. They managed to get the With Faith, train moving down the line, but could not figure out yeager, how to winston churchill on the beaches, switch it. Soon they realized that there was a train approaching them on general, what appeared to be the same line. They quickly jumped from the train and ran as far and as fast as they could to avoid the explosion from the Overcoming Fear With, expected inevitable collision.

But the train carried on, slowing down, until it gently bumped another train and came to an uneventful stop. The agents, upon returning to chuck yeager, the Camp, informed their instructor what had transpired. Gas Tragedy. The proper authorities were immediately dispatched to Union Station to explain to the manager just what had happened and to instruct him to consider the damage as the Station’s part of the war effort. He received no further explanation. As long as these exercises were properly executed and general yeager, no one was injured, there was never any objection from the Camp instructors. There was always someone available from the essay music, Camp to serve as “damage control” after the agents had left the scene, and the agents knew that the Camp authorities would always cover their tracks. Of necessity, the Camp had devised quite a unique plan of action in the event that one of their agents got into trouble. It was essential that the Camp be able to locate and retrieve the agent, as well as to satisfactorily explain his actions. On one particular training mission, one of the trainees was apprehended and the police were called in. When the agent was confronted with handcuffs, he requested that the RCMP be contacted with a message: “S25-1-1” (the secret RCMP file number for Camp-X). Inquisitively but reluctantly, the policeman phoned and relayed the message.

Within fifteen minutes, an yeager RCMP officer was on the scene and told the essay music, policeman that he would take care of the incident and that if the police had any further questions they should contact Inspector McClellan at RCMP H.Q. Within the hour, the agent found himself back at Camp-X. The agents “hit” many local targets, including General Motors in Oshawa, the port of Toronto, and especially the yeager, Toronto/Montreal rail line. Andy could not recall the number of times they simulated blow ups of trains using fake plastique (RDX) explosive developed by the BSC at Ajax (DIL) and Camp-X. Agents learned that derailment caused the winston fight on the beaches, enemy some headaches, but could be repaired in a few hours and really proved to be little more than a nuisance. A truly effective delay could be caused by taking out a site such as a bridge or a viaduct, which could potentially take days to reconstruct, and required a greater number of personnel to complete, a recurring objective in the training program. Chuck. Kother able-bodied men were kept from entering combat, as their services would be required in various support tasks to assist in tending to the wounded personnel. Instead of Fear With taking out only one of the enemy, several could be removed from combat at the same time. To be able to shoot a target with a revolver or a pistol from a distance of twenty feet required much practice and training, most of which was carried out in the underground firing range. There was not a ray of light, not even the light of the moon.

Shooting had to be by instinct, by sensing movements, even perhaps utilizing the sense of smell. There was no option - the agent must hit the target, he HAD to. He was trained, grilled, almost tortured mentally until he hit that target. That was all there was. It was just part of the training. “The night manoeuvres were bloody awful,” recounted Andy Daniels. The agents would be taken by general chuck Jeep to the area around Port Perry, Orono, or perhaps to Rice Lake, near Peterborough. Essays. They would be given a map and chuck yeager, compass, told their target and left to find their way back, completing the mission. “Meanwhile, the sucrose, instructors would sit playing cards, or sipping a beer, waiting.” When the agents arrived on target, hours later, they would be loaded into a Jeep, tired and hungry, and would head for Camp. As often as not, though, they would not reach Camp, but would be told that there was a new ‘situation’, be given their new targets and they would stagger off in all directions to fulfill yet another mission. On night manoeuvres, they would sometimes land a little Tiger Moth in the open field on chuck, the far side of Corbett Creek near Camp-X.

The trainees would then have to scramble through the brush and be on churchill fight on the, board in less than a minute. This particular training manoeuvres began for Andy when he was selected to practice entering enemy territory as a secret agent. The rest of the group was to be resistance members. Andy was taken to Oshawa airport and put in a Tiger Moth, which landed a few feet outside the Camp fence directly across Corbett Creek from the buildings. The receiving party, other agents in the role of resistance fighters, was waiting for general yeager him, and together they would ‘infiltrate’ the Fear With Essays, Camp. Chuck Yeager. The Camp guards were awaiting them but the ‘Partisans’ eluded them by crawling to their target, one of the Camp buildings, and laying a charge. Andy and the others retreated having succeeded in their mission. The timing of each guard watch was never routine but always random.

The guard never made a perimeter check at the same time after the hour, as did the previous watch. Fear With Faith. This, of course, was by design in order that any observer would not be able to predict when a guard would pass by any given check point on his watch, thus making it more difficult for any would-be infiltrator. The Hungarian agents’ training took about twelve weeks to complete that summer of 1943. They had landed at Camp-X sometime in the middle of June, and they departed in the last days of August. General. All in all, it was very rigorous, extensive training and they emerged from Camp-X hardened beyond any other military, physical, mental, or emotional experience that they would endure in life. Sucrose Benedict's Test. Directly from Camp-X, the agents were shipped overseas on the “Queen Elizabeth.” When they arrived in Glasgow, there were twenty two thousand troops on board the ship. Andy remembers that they had to sleep in general three shifts and, if you did not get any sleep on your shift, you were out of and International Essay examples luck. They were all dressed in Canadian uniforms, complete with Canadian insignia. No one had any idea that they were secret agents, as they looked exactly the same as any of the other thousands of soldiers on board. Training continued at another SOE school in Scotland.

Andy was then shipped out to Cairo where he had his first chance to test his skills learned in the weeks of general chuck preparation at winston churchill, Camp-X. He wandered into general chuck, a bar and sat down at winston fight beaches, a table alone. Shortly after ordering, he was joined by a friendly chap who wanted to talk and buy him drinks. Chuck Yeager. A few well-placed questions on essay music, Andy’s part soon convinced him that the man was not quite what he presented. General Chuck Yeager. Andy determined that he was an Abwehr Agent (German Military Intelligence) and was also certain that he knew Andy’s identity as well. The drinking began in earnest. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Anyone watching them would have thought they were a couple of drunken soldiers, what with the quantity of booze they were each putting away. Damned if Andy did not outlast him, though. He literally drank his companion under the general, table.

As he was going “down for the third time”, some of the Abwehr Agent’s comrades appeared out of the shadows and carted him out, heels dragging. Never before, nor since, had Andy drunk so much. His hangover lasted a week! From there the agents went to Bari, Italy, to prepare for their missions and The Bhopal, take a well deserved rest, exactly what they would need when one considers what was in store for chuck yeager them. Regarding Bari, Italy, Eric Curwain, the amityville pig, Chief Recruitment Officer for chuck Camp-X, would later write, “Our special Signals Unit in Bari was administered from Overcoming a building next to a church and had everything a field office of that type should have; photography unit for faking documents, engraving and printing equipment, coding and decoding staff.

Attached was a radio interception and transmitting station to maintain contact with agents in Yugoslavia, northern Italy, Austria, and Hungary and with our Ops. Chuck Yeager. Room at headquarters in England. “There was also a school for training agents in Faith Morse and in the use of mobile field transmitters. One of the instructors was an Italian who had returned from a mission with his fingernails mutilated by his German captors when he had landed from his canoe at general yeager, the wrong spot on the Adriatic coast near Ancona. “There was a store of foreign-type clothing for winston churchill fight agents dropping into countries of general which they were usually native or linguistically suited to Gas Tragedy, pass as such. General. It contained a strange collection of gadgets and stores for the use of and International examples parachute types (sic), ranging from currency to whiskey, cigarettes, to chuck, fly buttons containing tiny compasses and beautiful maps printed in essay music silk. When the chuck yeager, Germans discovered that men’s fly buttons hid compasses which screwed into one half of the button, the British inventors reversed the thread and Fear With Faith, this fooled the Germans into believing the buttons were normal, since they could not unscrew them by turning them in the usual direction.” Andy came out of his thoughtful stupor and resumed looking at the flashing red light. The dispatcher stood by the door having already performed half of his duties in preparing Andy and general chuck, the others by hooking up their static lines. Andy was just as glad that the dispatcher had hooked him up because he was too nervous to do it himself. They were flying over Hungary, at well above twenty three thousand feet.

Andy could hear the anti-aircraft artillery booming all around the Halifax and he prayed that one would not hit the plane. They were, in fact, too high to be in range, but Andy and the others could not know that at churchill, the time. Andy could see the ack-ack bursting all around the drop chute. He recalled that it looked like Christmas lights to him. As the Halifax approached its target, the amber, solid, ‘stand by’ light came on. This is it, Andy thought. There was no stopping now. All of his training would lead to this one jump. The time was near. Soon the light would turn green. “Right lads, come on general yeager, now, and let’s get ready,” barked out the Overcoming Fear With Faith, dispatcher.

Andy thought, “You have to be either drunk or crazy to jump out yeager, of an aircraft at test, this altitude, perhaps into the arms of the enemy.” Each of the men had a number, which designated the jump sequence. Andy was number two. Number one was Major ‘S’, an Irish Catholic. He had never touched alcohol. Never. Andy and the others were each allowed a flask of general rum to carry in their jump suits. It would help to keep them warm and would make the trip down a little easier, Andy thought. Major ‘S’ had turned his down. Finally, the OSCE and International Essay, ‘green’ light came on; it was time.

Andy pulled out his flask of rum and went to take another swallow. General Yeager. Just as he put the flask to his mouth, Major ‘S’ said, “Give me that!” grabbed the flask from Andy and and International Security Essay examples, downed the rest of the contents in a mighty gulp! “Time!” yelled out the dispatcher. With that, Major ‘S’ was gone from the airplane, as though he had never been there. “Right then, number two, you’re out!” In the fraction of a second before Andy jumped, number three gave him a swallow from his flask. It was greatly appreciated. Half way down, Andy realized that he was stone cold sober and, by the time he reached the ground, he was as cold as death. But the biggest surprise was still to come. “Someone had miscalculated!” Just on the other side of the hill, about a mile away, were the Germans. Andy thought to yeager, himself, “this is not a good beginning for my first mission” as he struggled to cut his shroud lines. He had gone from the relative safety of the Halifax twenty three thousand feet in the air, to sitting in the middle of a hornet’s nest on the ground. As he struggled to get out of his overalls, he could hear the slightly off-sync drone of the amityville pig, Halifax’s engines; minutes later he was free of the chuck, lines and his parachute.

Several more minutes passed before he found his jump-mates, one of test who, an expert map-reader, informed them that they were lost! Although later evidence was to prove him correct, this intelligence was not at chuck yeager, all well received at that particular moment. Readers who have examined the appendices in SOE In France will perhaps be familiar with the Essays, instructions which were given to pilots engaged in dropping agents, to the effect that navigation by chuck yeager visual ground references at night can be terribly misleading. The author of these Notes For Pilots, Wing Commander H. Essay Music. S. Verity, DSO, DFC, reports that he became confused as to which of general chuck yeager two villages he had approached, and spent ‘two miserable hours’ trying to Gas Tragedy, sort things out. The error later proved to be even greater than he had anticipated by chuck some eighteen kilometers! However, with the enemy only metres away, there was nothing for essay music the agents to general yeager, do but to find shelter and get some rest before attempting to straighten themselves out.

Accordingly, they spent a miserable night huddled together in the woods. At daybreak they decided that it would be best to benedict's test, split up. They did so, with the understanding that they would meet up some time later at a safe house in Budapest. As he traveled from general village to village, Andy became increasingly aware that the Fear With Essays, Germans were closing in. There were soldiers everywhere. Chuck. His brain automatically clicked into training mode and he ducked into test, an abandoned building, changed into his priest’s vestments, and continued safely on his way, blending inconspicuously into the local populace. Andy determined that his best course was to seek out a ‘halfway’ safe house, in chuck yeager a small village along the route, but in his haste to find sanctuary, he very nearly blew his months of training.

Upon arriving at the correct address, he mounted the front steps in his best ‘homme du monde’ manner, and rang the doorbell. In a moment, a lady greeted him and he inquired for her husband. She stepped back, visibly shaken. After what seemed like an eternity, she said that her husband had been dead for six months. Essay Music. For a moment, Andy was unable to explain her behaviour to him.

Then, it suddenly occurred to him that he had not given her any of the pre-arranged passwords. He was mortified. He had failed his very first test. In his confusion, he muttered the chuck yeager, words and, just as he turned to leave, she motioned to him to enter. Gratefully, he followed her into the house and she closed the door behind him. For months, she said, she had been rehearsing the code words, in the expectation of Andy’s arrival. The Bhopal Essays. His direct inquiry for her deceased husband threw her into a panic. Was Andy the Gestapo? In one agonizing moment she had, ‘evaluated your veracity, and decided to trust you’, she said.

Andy remained there for several days. They became quite fond of one another, but he eventually left to meet his comrades. On his return to yeager, Hungary in 1979, as he tried to retrace each step of his mission, he found himself on those same steps, thirty-six years later. His anticipation of a joyous reunion knew no bounds. But a stranger opened the sucrose benedict's test, door. “No,” she said, “Mrs. … doesn’t live here anymore.” The response to his request for her new address hit him like a hammer blow: “Mrs. … was taken by the Gestapo, in yeager 1944. We think she died in Belsen. They said that she had been found guilty of harbouring a British secret agent.” After the war, Andy wrote to England inquiring about benedict's test, information on him for his now published book, “My Secret Mission”. The reply; “You joined STS 103, in mid 1943…. You arrived in England on chuck, 18 September 1943. Here you continued your training as a W/T operator and With Faith Essays, sabotage agent in various SOE Training Schools.

You proceeded to general chuck yeager, Cairo in February 1944. Test. In May you were transferred to yeager, Italy. From Bari you were parachuted on 18 September, 1944, in the name of Lieutenant Andrew Daniels, into winston churchill, Slovakia, with three other officers, to establish contact with the chuck, Slovak Headquarters at Banska Bystrica which was organizing the horror pig, Slovak rising. “There you were instructed to cross into Hungary in civilian clothes to make a reconnaissance and obtain papers and general yeager, safe addresses to which the OSCE examples, other three officers could eventually proceed. You crossed the frontier on 19 October and reached Budapest safely. But as it proved impossible to obtain the necessary papers, you decided to return to Slovakia to rejoin the three officers at Banska Bystrica. However, when attempting to re-cross the frontier, you were arrested and imprisoned by the Hungarians. By the yeager, end of winston on the October 1944, the Slovak rising had been suppressed by the Germans and general, the three other officers had escaped into the hills, where they were subsequently also arrested. “You remained in The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Essays Hungarian prisons at Misols and in Habik where you met the SOE-trained Mike Turk and general, “G”. You succeeded in escaping and remained in hiding in Budapest until the winston churchill fight on the beaches, Russians occupied it. They evacuated you, thus enabling you to proceed, via Italy, to yeager, England. You arrived in London on 23 May, 1945, and returned to Canada on 7 June, 1945.” After some time, Andy was transferred from the prison to churchill fight on the, a temporary internment camp. Andy and the others were on their way to yeager, one of the death camps inside the Reich.

Andy escaped during his fourth night at the new camp. It was a dreary, rainy night. Andy and his fellow captives were allowed to get some wood for a fire, but it was wet. Overcoming. They plugged up the pipes of their heater, lit the fire with the wet wood which began to smoke heavily, and as the guards ran into the room, they slipped out the side door and made their way back to safety. After the war, Andy returned to Hungary for the purpose of doing research for his book. He tried to re-enter the chuck, place where he had been imprisoned by the Hungarian Counter Espionage and winston beaches, the Gestapo at the time when the Red Army was getting near. They would not let him enter, as it was still a military barracks at general chuck, that time. He had hoped to essay music, be able to find some record of his stay there, but to yeager, no avail. The Gestapo had destroyed all records when the Red Army was approaching.

For two days and OSCE Essay examples, nights, they had burned the general chuck yeager, records in sucrose test the courtyard where previously the executions had taken place. General Chuck Yeager. Andy returned to Camp-X one cold November day in 1977. I was his guide this time as I was more informed regarding the current condition of the Camp than was Andy. All that was left of the Camp were the concrete foundations. Fear With Faith. It required old photographs for reference to do a thorough “reconstruction” of what had been where. “So this is Camp-X,” said Andy, as he looked around the barren fields, his eyes piercing through the overgrown grass in search of ghosts in general yeager the shadows. “There,” he said, pointing toward the southeast and Lake Ontario. “That’s where a good part of The Bhopal our training took place; the explosives. I remember the Sunday afternoons we had off. We would play football (soccer) for hours. The Camp trainers loved it because the physical training was great for yeager us. Horror Pig. Those damned craters!” said Andy. “We had the damnedest time clearing those things while we were trying to play.” The explosions of the previous day’s training of course caused the craters. As he told me, the one thing that he remembered most out of all of his training, was the open field ‘evasive’ exercise. “They would put you in an open field and you had to go undetected for as long as you possibly could. The way to do this and be undetected was to remain perfectly still as it is general yeager, difficult to see an unmoving target.

If you moved and were spotted, a round of fire over OSCE and International Security examples your head would signify that you had been spotted.” The other thing that Andy always remembered was how he was taught to yeager, ‘take a man out’. They would teach the agent, “Do not go for the testicles from the front, go for them by way of the back which puts you in better control.” And finally, “Stick your fingers into OSCE and International Security Essay examples, their, ears, eyes or nose with full force as the individual must give this his full attention giving you time to ‘finish him off’.” Andy gazed in the other direction, north toward the trees that still lined the general chuck, original roads. Overcoming With. He thought back to the cold, dark prison where he had been interned after he had been captured. General Chuck. He thought about the torture and the constant interrogations. After all, that was where he had lost his innocence. Life had been so much simpler here at the Camp. Even in sucrose the most rigorous times in the training program, if you made a mistake, someone was quick to point it out to you and everything could be taken back or done over. Upon Andy’s return to Toronto, he settled down and got married. Unfortunately, all his years of chuck training and his experiences as a secret agent would eventually take the and International Security Essay, inevitable toll on Andy as on so many others, not just the agents, but also anyone who had lived through or served in the war. It seemed perhaps to general, affect the agents more than others because of the type of training that they had been through.

As was understandable, Andy did not want to amityville, talk with his new bride about his experiences during the war. As a result, when his behaviour began to change later on, she had no idea how to chuck yeager, cope. Essay Music. Andy began to have terrible nightmares of being captured by the Gestapo and about the general chuck, subsequent torture he had endured. Overcoming Faith. To someone who has never experienced such treatment, you can only try to imagine yourself laying flat on general yeager, a board, nude, and having live electrical wires attached to your testicles. Should you not answer the interrogators’ questions to their liking, they would flip the switch.

Try to imagine also knowing that you would continue to receive increasingly stronger jolts as long as you persisted in giving unsatisfactory answers until either you gave in or passed out. To Andy, this had been reality. Andy’s nightmares became more frequent as time went on, but still he could not disclose the torment he suffered. He would jump out of bed in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. His wife tried to understand, but never knew what caused his violent behaviour. She endured until finally, one night, Andy awoke from a nightmare to find his hands wrapped tightly around his own wife’s neck. This was the end of Andy’s marriage. Overcoming Fear With. He never remarried.

Andy died alone in 1998. ‘Special Operations’ Teacher’s Resources for Camp X. (English) Teacher’s Resources for Camp-X. All content, logos and pictures are the property of Lynn Philip Hodgson and general yeager, cannot be published without written consent.